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Smith Prophecy Turbo Fan Ski Goggles (Prescription Available)
Smith Prophecy Turbo Fan Ski Goggles (Prescription Available) Measurements
Total Height Nasal Height Lens Width Spherical Dual Lens
96 64 185 Yes Yes

Smith Prophecy Turbo Fan Ski Goggles (Prescription Available)


  • Product Code:
  • Brand:Smith Optics
  • Base Price: $180.00
  • Total:$180.00

  • Product Code:
  • Brand:Smith Optics
  • Base Price: $180.00
  • Total:$180.00

About Smith Prophecy Turbo Fan Ski Goggles (Prescription Available)

These Turbo Fan Ski Goggles have a small, multi-speed fan that moves air across the goggle lens, or even a prescription insert. This is absolutely the best way to minimize fogging. The fan is generally not needed when you are skiing. But heat tends to build up behind the lens when you're stopped or in a lift line. Smith provides a Lifetime Warranty on these duel lens, spherical goggles.

Spherical Goggles:

A spherical lens is slightly bubbled to match the curve of your eye. This minimizes distortion by allowing light to pass straight through the lens en-route to your eyes. 

Prescription Smith Prophecy Turbo Fan Ski Goggle

SPECIAL OFFER:  Buy a Smith Prophecy Turbo Fan Ski Goggle with Green Sol-X Mirror or Red Sol-X Mirror lenses and get your secondary, low-light lens for 30% off!

FREE Ski Goggle Travel Case with Rx Prophecy Turbo Fan! ($30.00 Value)

Anti-fog venting in this goggle is designed to be compatible with the Smith Vantage Ski Helmet.

Engineered to accommodate most eyeglasses without the added bulk of traditional OTG goggles, the Prophecy Turbo Fan provides a low-profile, high performance fit. Smith Prophecy Turbo Fan Ski Goggles feature Smiths patented micro-electronic fan. The Turbo Fan keeps your ski goggles fog-free all day! Turn the fan on when you get to the hill; in the low setting, the Turbo Fan system will run continuously all day long to exhaust moisture from inside your Smith Optics goggles. The high setting can be used to quickly exhaust moisture in extreme conditions. On the low setting the Turbo Fan system can run continuously for up to 50 hours on one AAA battery. These are a great alternative to Prescription Ski Goggles if you prefer to wear your own glasses! 


  • Articulating Outrigger Positioning System evenly transfers pressure across the brow and nose to ensure a complete seal against the face
  • Regulator adjustable lens ventilation system provides added control of airflow through the goggles.
  • Quick-fit strap adjustment system with an easy clip buckle
  • Ultra-wide silicone backed strap keeps Rx Ski Goggles in place
  • Floating foam membrane eliminates eyeglass temple pressure for absolute comfort
  • Dual layer DriWix compression-molded face foam seals out the wind and moisture for maximum comfort and performance
  • Helmet and eyeglass compatible
  • Medium to Large fit

The price of the Prescription Smith Ski Goggles include the goggle/lens of your choice and prescription insert.

The best way to conceal an insert in Prescription Ski Goggles is to have a mirrored lens. The Ignitor Mirror, Green Sol-X and Red Sol-X lenses are the most popular. The Platinum Mirror is the darkest lens. The Sensor Mirror lenses are for low-light or very cloudy days. The RC-36 lens has the same 36% light transmission as the Ignitor Mirror lens, but does not have a mirror coating. (RC = Rose Copper)