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Panoptx 7Eye Prescription Sunglasses are preferred by many prescription motorcycle sunglasses wearers. But these Prescription Panoptx 7Eye glasses are used by many other prescription patients who need more protection from wind or the elements. Boaters, snow skiers, bicyclists and Blepharitis (dry-eye) patients all benefit from the Panoptx 7Eye wind protection. 7Eye is formerly known as Panoptx, so we use the names interchangeably.

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Prescription Panoptx / 7Eye SPF 100 Series Motorcycle Glasses

These motorcycle sunglasses have Removable Foam Padding that allows you to convert them to regular sunglasses when wind protection is not required. Sweaty or worn eye seals can also be easily replaced.

Panoptx by 7Eye Replacement Foam Eye Seal

Prescription Panoptx / 7Eye Blepharitis Glasses


Prescription Panoptx / 7Eye SPF 75 Series (Less Foam, Not Removable)

Prescription Panoptx / 7Eye Active Lifestyle Sun Glasses