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All Native Eyewear Ski Goggles come with two goggle lenses; one Polarized lens designed for bright conditions and a secondary Sportflex lens, designed for low-light conditions. All Prescription Native Eyewear goggles include our Universal Ski Goggle insert at 50% discounted rate.

About the Lenses:

The Polarized Amber lens is a amber-based lens, designed to provide a lot of contrast and lets in 25% of Visible Light Transmission. It has a slight yellow/rose mirror to the lens and is the darkest lens color available.

The Polarized Chrome Reflex is slightly lighter rose-based lens, allowing in 35% of Visible Light Transmission. This lens has more of a rose mirrored-look.All Native Eyewear Ski Goggles come with a secondary, low-light lens, called Sportflex, which lets in 60% of Visible Light Transmission. The Sportflex lens has a amber-base and bright blue flash coating to the lens.

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