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Prescription Ski Goggles from the world's most respected ski goggle and snow goggle manufacturers at the lowest prices allowed for Authorized Dealers. Most Rx Ski Goggles utilize a prescription insert behind the goggle lens. Moving this prescription lens away from the heat of your face greatly reduces fogging.

Each ski goggle model below is available with a mirrored goggle lens. This can help hide the Rx insert. Most of these goggles have spherical goggle lens. This will minimize distortion in the top and bottom of the lens.

Skiers who want their prescription lenses mounted directly in the ski glasses as opposed to an insert can choose from several ski glasses listed at the bottom of the page. These prescription ski sunglasses have a removable foam eye seal, so they can also be worn as regular sunglasses.(Not recommended for extreme cold conditions.)

Our Tough Coat Anti Fog coating is available at no charge. A permanent Anti Fog coating that makes the lens as fog-resistant as possible is also available.

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