Return Policy

Return Policies, Color Blind Policies and Chronic Dry Eye Treatment Free Glasses offer

If you're not happy with your purchase, we will do whatever it takes to rectify the problem. It's that simple. If you want a different color, style, size, or even a completely different pair of glasses, we will ship them to you immediately. You can return the pair that you don't like in the box that we send you. Shipping from us is free (in the continental United States) for orders over $100 and there are no restocking fees. You only pay the return shipping. If you just want a refund, we will have it processed as soon as we receive the returned glasses in re-sellable condition.


  • Call or email us before returning anything. Get a Return Authorization Number, and clearly print this number on the address label of the box you send to us. (See example below in #8.)

  • You may return or exchange your product within 30 days of receipt of the product, in accordance with these guidelines (See exceptions for prescription eyewear below). Decide quickly if you're going to return an item. Don't get a new pair all broken in, and then decide you don't like them. After 30 days, they're yours.

  • Glasses must be returned in the same condition that you received them. That means in sellable condition, in the same packaging, with the same documentation, and all the original accessories.

  • Naturally, if we do not receive the glasses that you are returning within 14 days of sending you a replacement pair, your credit card will be charged for the second pair of glasses.

  • Rush shipping charges are not refundable.

  • When returning glasses for a refund, use a carrier that requires a signature, and insure the shipment. You will not receive credit for merchandise lost or damaged in transit.

  • Prescription eyewear cannot be returned for a refund. If the prescription is not exactly what your doctor ordered, return the product within 30 days of receipt and we will remake the lenses.  If you cannot adapt to the change in base curve, return the product within 30 days of receipt and we will switch you to a flatter frame.  If the new frame or lens is more expensive than the first one you will be charged the difference.  You only get one redo for this non-adapt redo.  If the reading portion of your progressive lens or bifocal is not where you want it let us know exactly how much higher or lower you want it and we will remake the lens.  (Once again, you only get one redo for seg height changes.)  The default seg height for the reading portion of sports eyewear will be as low as we can put it.  Our goal is to minimize the obstruction in your distance vision and give you a small, usable reading area in the very bottom of the lens.  If you want more reading area than this please let us know before we start making the lens.

  • All returned items must be shipped to the following address:


  • ADS Sports Eyewear - Returns
  • RA# _________
  • 401 W. Pres. George Bush Hwy
  • Suite 125
  • Richardson, TX 75080


  • If you're returning something you got with a gift certificate, you cannot exchange it for cash.  You can return the glasses, but the refund goes to the person that originally paid for them.

  • Exchanging gift items is no problem.  All the rules listed above apply to gift exchanges also.

A Few Exceptions:

  • Naturally custom made items are not returnable.
  • The return policy for specialty prescription lenses is not as relaxed as it is for the standard Rx lenses. Be sure to see details on the bottom of the Specialty Prescription Lens page.


Each manufacturer has a slightly different warranty policy, but every line that we carry has an excellent reputation, and an excellent warranty. All glasses on this site have at least a 12-month warranty against manufacturer's defects. After 30 days, and in the absence of a Lifetime Warranty, the manufacturer's warranty constitutes 100% of the coverage for each product.

If you have the Lifetime Warranty, it doesn't matter why your eyewear is broken. We will promptly repair or replace them.  Even if you don't have the warranty we will still help you resolve the problem. If we determine that the problem is a manufacturing issue, we will handle the exchange with the manufacturer for you. If you just need your glasses fixed, we can let you know if replacement parts are available and quote a price for repairs.

This warranty covers the frame only, not the lenses. Neither the manufacturers nor ADS Sports Eyewear will guarantee that you will not scratch or damage lenses.  (Native Eyewear is the only company that will replace scratched lenses.  They charge a processing fee, but all of their eyewear comes with polarized lenses.)

Color Blind Glasses and Sunglasses Return Policy

Our process is very simple. You pay the advertised rate and we will ship you several lenses to choose from (up to 5). We have done it hundreds of times, where the test says you should like one lens but another lens is a better feeling for your needs. If you do not keep any of the color blind glasses you can return for a full refund (LESS $100.00 Test Fee). If you choose to keep more than one of the test pairs, you will only pay for the additional pair. No extra test fees. 

*Prescription or Custom Frames are at an additional charge, above and beyond the lenses. If you order our stock set of color-blind glasses and then decide to return within 21 days and have custom frames and lenses made we will give you 100% (less test Fee) toward the custom glasses. Most of our Oakley Prescription sunglasses are perfect for this.

Free Dry Eye Glasses from Eyecyte (NOT A REFUND)

Most people pick the volugio dry eye glasses, as you will give you 100% return once you get a Chronic Dry Eye Treatment from one of our eyecyte network doctors. The doctors on the eyecyte network will take the cost of the glasses off your bill when you go to pay your outstanding balance. The glasses are not covered by Medicare or insurance, so if you have no outstanding balance, you will not get a discount.