Rec Specs Helmet Spex Sports Goggles {(Prescription Available)}

Prescription Sports Sunglasses

ADS Sports Eyewear is specializing in prescription sports sunglasses, Oakley prescription sunglasses , prescription ski goggles and pretty much anything eyewear related for active people. Our Free-Form Digital prescription lenses are the best Rx lenses for sports on the planet, and we have the best prices on the internet. 

New filters on this site allow you to see glasses by sport, size, activity, and you can even use filters to isolate polarized sunglasses or ANSI approved safety glasses.

High prescriptions are welcome. We're able to put stronger prescription lenses in wrapped frames with minimal thickness using a new digital technology called Lenticular Free-Form. This dramatically expands the range of what is possible for people who wear prescription sunglasses, and it can create the thinnest lens ever possible in prescription sunglasses. Looking for an My Eye Doctor Near Me use our Doctor Finder. Check out our new LIFESTYLE section where we feature health and wellness items like, Blue Light BlockersMonavie , trending items and full curated products from our pros!

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