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All Native Eyewear Ski Goggles come with two goggle lenses; one Polarized lens designed for bright conditions and a secondary Sportflex lens, designed for low-light conditions. The Polarized lenses are ideal for cutting glare, which is extremely beneficial when the sun hits the snow. Our Prescription Native Eyewear Ski Goggles include our Universal Insert at a 50% discounted rate!

About the Lenses:

The Polarized Amber lens is a amber-based lens, designed to provide a lot of contrast and lets in 25% of Visible Light Transmission. It has a slight yellow/rose mirror to the lens and is the darkest lens color available.

The Polarized Chrome Reflex is slightly lighter rose-based lens, allowing in 35% of Visible Light Transmission. This lens has more of a rose mirrored-look.All Native Eyewear Ski Goggles come with a secondary, low-light lens, called Sportflex, which lets in 60% of Visible Light Transmission. The Sportflex lens has a amber-base and bright blue flash coating to the lens.

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