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Panoptx 7Eye Padded Ski Sunglasses provide all the protection of a traditional ski goggle in a sporty pair of quality sunglasses. Panoptx (now called 7Eye) ski glasses feature unbreakable lenses with an anti-fog coating, 100% UV protection, and a removable foam eye seal so your goggles can be converted to a casual pair of sunglasses. Glasses in the Panoptx Speed Series have all the same features, but with a smaller, fixed foam eye seal. Panoptx offers some of the finest polarized ski eyewear on the planet. All Panoptx 7Eye ski sunglasses are available with Rx lenses.

Lots of lens options are presented with each model, but for snow skiing we recommend Copper or Brown lenses. Polarization is also helpful. We do not recommend Grey lenses for snow skiing, unless you are extremely light sensitive.

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