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Bolle Prescription Sunglasses are very popular, and often classic in design. Bolle Rx sunglasses are available for any size face. Smaller sizes of Prescription Bolle sunglasses are often found in the Bolle Children’s section, but worn by smaller adult women and men. Bolle prescriptions are mounted directly in the eyewear frame, so your prescription Bolle sunglasses will look just like the non Rx Bolle version. Only two of the prescription Bolle sunglasses utilize an insert that is mounted behind the tinted lens: the Vigilante and the Parole.

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Prescription Bolle Rimless or Semi-Rimless Sunglasses

Bolle Bolt Sunglasses

Price : $94.00

Bolle Parole Sunglasses

Price : $94.00

Bolle Vortex Sunglasses

Price : $104.99

Prescription Bolle Full-Frame Sunglasses

Bolle Bounty Sunglasses

Price : $64.99

Bolle Daemon

Price : $24.99

Bolle Diablo

Price : $129.00

Bolle Molly Sunglasses

Price : $64.99

Bolle Quindaro

Price : $120.00

Bolle Recoil Jr.

Price : $50.00

Bolle Spiral Sunglasses

Price : $60.00

Prescription Bolle Children's & Smaller Frame Sunglasses

Bolle Prince Sunglasses

Price : $24.99

Bolle Sarah Sunglasses

Price : $29.00

Prescription Bolle Youth Sports Glasses and Goggles