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Adidas Prescription Sunglasses are in a class all their own. Adidas temples are often adjustable, and Adidas Prescription Sunglasses are available with interchangeable prescription lenses (see Adivista and Adizero models). Most Adidas Prescriptions are mounted directly in the sunglass frame. A few models feature a prescription insert. These include prescription Shield models and the prescription Adidas Evil Eyes.

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Prescription Adidas Running & Bicycling Sunglasses

Adidas a179 Tour Pro S

Price : $134.00

Adidas a165 Adivista S

Price : $174.00

Adidas a405 Raylor S

Price : $100.00

Prescription Adidas Adventure Sport Sunglasses

Adidas a189 Tycane Pro L

Price : $174.00

Prescription Adidas Casual Collection

Adidas a426 Matic

Price : $94.00

Adidas a428 Excalate

Price : $94.00

Adidas a429 Sprung

Price : $94.00

Adidas a423 Whipstart

Price : $89.00

Adidas a425 Wildcharge

Price : $89.00