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Prescription sunglasses for golf should be light-weight and provide increased contrast for a white ball against a green or blue background. This will also help with reading the texture and slope of the greens. Semi-Rimless frame styles are recommended because there is nothing on the bottom to get in your way when addressing the ball.

Recommended Tints for Prescription Golf Sunglasses:

High Contrast Golf Tints like copper, bronze, brown, rose, persimmon (orange), or pink are excellent choices for golfers. Oakley has created a Prizm Golf lens with a Ruby base color that is designed very specifically for colors encountered on a golf course. Golfers who are light sensitive may prefer Grey lenses for these extended amounts of time in full sunlight. A grey lens will not increase contrast at all. It just makes everything darker. But if you are more sensitive to light, the additional contrast may be interpreted as brighter light. This could be annoying and cause you to be squinting, even when you're wearing sunglasses.

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