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Prescription Golfing Glasses should be light-weight and provide contrast in order to read the texture and slope of the greens better.

Frame Types for Prescription Golf Glasses

Semi-Rimless Frame Design - Recommended

Most golfers prefer an uninterrupted field of view through the bottom of the lens for when they are addressing the ball. This type of design is called 'semi-rimless'.

Full Rim Frame Design

A full rim will have a frame that wraps around the entire outside edge of the lens, which can limit your view through the bottom of the lens while addressing the ball. Some golfers will still prefer this style.

Lens Tints for Prescription Golf Glasses

High Contrast Golf Tints - Recommended

Any lens colors that offers contrast such as bronze, brown, rose, copper, persimmon (orange), green or pink is an optimal choice for enhancing depth perception and colors on the greens. If you are interested in Rx Oakley sunglasses, we recommend the G30 tint, which was made specifically for golf. It is a high contrast, pinkish hue.

Neutral Color Golf Tints

A grey tint does not offer additional contrast, and can darken things too much for recognizing changes in the greens. We only recommend a grey lens for golfers that are very light sensitive.

Transitions Golf Tints

Transitions lenses are available in most frames in grey, green, and brown. The brown and green are recommended for golf. Oakley also has a few Iridium colored transitions that can help add contrast to your field of view.

Prescription Lens Designs for Golf Glasses

Single Vision (Distance Only) - Free Form Digital Golf Lenses

A Free-Form digital lens design will recalculate your prescription at every point on the back of each lens, so you get to use the entire lens without limiting your peripheral vision. Free-Form digital surfacing is the latest lens surfacing technology available and offers the best possible vision on the planet.

Progressive (Distance and Reading) - Free Form Digital Golf Lenses

This Free-Form design will include a 'no-line bifocal' for your reading segment if you require one. If you plan on using your progressive segment to focus on the ball please let us know. You may be interested in a new Free-Form golf progressive that has a larger mid-distance portion of this corridor to focus at this distance.

Prescription Golf Glasses Guarantee


We only use the best Free-Form digital lens design, the Shamir Autograph 3, when making prescription lenses for golfing glasses. If you find a cheaper price for this design anywhere else, we will beat it by 10%.

If you're looking at Rx Oakley sunglasses for golfing it is important to know we charge the lowest allowed price for an authorized Oakley prescription dealer to charge. You will not find a better price for Rx Oakley anywhere, online or at a local store.

Prescription Accuracy

We guarantee your lenses to be accurate within 1/100th of a diopter. Most local eye doctors using non-Free-Form surfacing are only accurate within 1/25th of a diopter. This basically means we guarantee high definition vision, or we will remake the lens at no charge to you. If you have any questions about Free-Form digital lens surfacing, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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