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Prescription Lenticular Lenses

Prescription Lenticular Lenses

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About Prescription Lenticular Lenses

Lenticular Free-Form Lenses will result in the thinnest lens possible. This is often the only lens choice available for very high prescriptions.

Lenticular means the correction in the lens does not extend all the way to the outer edge of the lens. Since most people can’t see this part of the lens this has been a non-issue. This results in a lens that is about 50% - 70% thinner than a lens where the prescription extends all the way to the edge. See the illustration for an example of a lenticular lens.

Lenticular Lens Design for High Rx's

Read more about lenticular lenses for strong prescriptions.

To order these prescription lenses in a frame on our site, you will need to choose which frame you want from the 'Non-Prescription Sunglasses' under  the 'Sunglasses' menu item on the top of our site. Do not shop from the 'Prescription Sunglasses' option, as it will default to a different type of lens that is not lenticular. Just find the frame color you want with the cheapest price and we will replace the less expensive non-prescription lenses with the lenticular lenses you order on this page. You may also opt to send in sunglasses you already own to be fitted with lenticular prescription lenses. If you have any questions, please call us, we're here to help.

Specialty Lens Return Policy:

We guarantee that the power in these lenses will be exactly what you ordered.  This is important, because returns are more restricted with these lenses.

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Read the review on our Lenticular Lenses by Nick Burklow from


Examples of Sunglasses with Lenticular Lenses

 Oakley Flak Jacket with lenticular prescription lenses.

Oakley Frogskins with lenticular prescription lenses

Oakley Gascan with lenticular prescription lenses

Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 with lenticular prescription lenses

Kaenon Jetty Sunglasses with lenticular prescription lenses