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Prescription Rec Specs Sports Glasses and Sports Goggles are the most important piece of sports equipment you can purchase. Some newer designs like the Rec Specs Slam are available in 2 sizes and provide more comfort with less fogging than any previous option. The Rec Specs Slam XL is the adult size. Most Rec Specs glasses are available with either our Free-Form Digital lens technology, or with standard lens surfacing. For wrapped frames or higher prescriptions, we highly recommend Free-Form Surfacing.

 If you're not sure what will be the best fit, you're welcome to order as many try out glasses as you like. All Rec Specs styles are in stock, so most try-out orders are shipped the same day we receive them. (Click Try Before You Buy under Rx form.)

SALE! $39 Standard Prescription Lenses with purchase of Rec Specs frame.

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