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Oakley Prescription Ski Goggles and Snow Goggles are available with an insert that is placed behind the ski goggle lens. The Prescription lenses are far enough away from your face to minimize fogging and the lens is right in the path of the venting of the Oakley Ski Goggle for added anti-fog benefit. The Oakley Snow Goggles are ideal for skiers, snowboarders or any outdoor winter snow sport participants. Oakley snow and ski goggle lenses filter 100% of harmful UV light and have amazing impact protection in a comfortable goggle, developed to withstand all-day wear. Each ski goggle listed below is available with several lens options. (Not just the one in the picture.)

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Oakley Ski Goggles for Children or Small Adults

Prescription Ski Goggle Inserts Only

NOTE: All inserts are discounted at 50% when purchased with a ski goggle.

How to Install and Remove the Prescription Universal Ski Goggle Insert: