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All our Prescription Motorcycle Glasses feature Free-Form Digital surfacing technology exclusively! These high definition Rx lenses provide a wider field of vision and eliminate the peripheral distortion referred to as a Fishbowl Effect. Then special edgers are used to place a shelf bevel on the back of lenses that have a removable foam eye seal. This insures the eye seal will fit flush with the frame, and prevent air from rushing in. This also eliminates the old Coke bottle look associated with “rolling off” these edges. Lens surfacing and edging (shaping to fit in the frame) are both extremely advanced technologies, yet pricing is still extremely competitive.

Progressive prescription lenses are available in any of our Rx-able frames, including these motorcycle glasses. We will send you a pair of glasses to try on along with instructions that will help us calculate the exact height of your eyes in these lenses.

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Most Popular Prescription Motorcycle Sunglasses

Prescription Motorcycle Sunglasses With Removable Padded Eye Seals

Removable foam (or rubber) padding in these motorcycle glasses allows you to convert these to regular sunglasses when wind protection is not required. Sweaty or worn eye seals can also be easily replaced.

Wiley X Enzo Sunglasses {(Prescription Available)}

Wiley X Enzo Sunglasses

Price : $90.00

Prescription Motorcycle Sunglasses for Women

Bobster Ava Convertible

Price : $39.00

Prescription Motorcycle Goggles

Bobster Flux Goggles

Price : $58.98

Bobster DZL Goggles

Price : $48.98

Prescription Motorcycle Sunglasses Without Removable Padded Eye Seals

Kaenon Jetty Sunglasses

Price : $219.00