NEW Transitions Polarized Lens

Transitions Vantage

® has just released their newest Lifestyle Lens called Transitions Vantage.

This is the first lens ever that not only darkens in sunlight, it becomes polarized in sunlight!


The New Transitions Vantage lens is exactly what our customers have been requesting for years.  This lens has a very slight grey cast indoors, and darkens when exposed to the sun's UV rays.  As the lens darkens it also becomes polarized. This helps block glare and ease eye strain.  This is a significant improvement over previous versions of Transitions lenses.

Transitions Vantage Chart


 Transitions Vantage:
 Things you should know

While most Transitions lenses will not darken at all in a car, this Transitions Vantage lens will darken slightly.

When this lens is not exposed to UV light it is clear and not polarized. (Completely clear lenses are never polarized.)

The Transitions Vantage does not get quite as dark as a typical Transitions lens, but because the polarization is blocking glare you might believe that it is actually darker than it is.

In sports eyewear we use only unbreakable lens materials like Polycarbonate or Trivex.  Transitions Polycarbonate and Trivex lenses do not get quite as dark as Transitions glass or plastic lenses.  This is true of ALL Transitions lenses.  So if you are light sensitive, or if you just prefer really dark lenses, a Transitions lens may not be a good choice.  But if you want the most versatile lens ever created with an amazing glare filter, the Transitions Vantage lens is just what you've been waiting for.