How to Purchase Specialty Lenses

Our Specialty Prescription Lenses do not show up as an option with standard prescription glasses.

This page illustrates how to order Specialty Lenses on this site:

Each model on this site that can hold a prescription lens will display one option that is clearly indicated as the prescription version of these glasses. Ironically, if you want a Specialty Rx Lens you would NOT select the prescription version of this model. First you select a frame that is the color you want and add this to your shopping cart. Then go to one of ourSpecialty Prescription Lens pages and select your lens.

There are two different pages to buy specialty prescription lenses with two very different purposes:

Specialty Lenticular Free-Form Prescription Lenses for High Rx's


Specialty Prescription Lenses including specialty transitions, lined bi-focals, and high index lenses

The reason you will not select the prescription version of the model you want is that the site will default you to purchase one of the standard free-form prescription lenses. The following is a list of Specialty lenses that are not on the list of Standard prescription lenses. You can shop these lenses by using one of the links above:

  • Lenticular Free Form Lenses (Reduces lens thickness in higher prescriptions)
  • Transitions Specialty lenses (Includes Transitions Vantage, XtrActive and Drivewear)
  • Lined Bifocals (These are not free-form digital like our Progressive lenses)


To order sunglasses with a Lenticular prescription lens, or with one of the specialty Transitions lenses, follow these two steps:

Step 1: Select a frame that is NOT the Prescription version of the model that you want and add this to your shopping cart. (Find the frame color you want, then select the least expensive model in that color.)

Step 2: Select your lens on one of the Specialty prescription lens pages found above where you will also fill in your prescription information. The picture below an example of using the drop down menus found on the lens pages to build your lenses.

If you have any problems please call us or send us an email if it is after hours. You may also leave a voice mail after hours.