Rx Six Base Sunglasses

Prescription Six-Base Sunglasses are just a bit flatter than Eight-Base sunglasses. The majority of sports sunglasses are in 8-base frames. Six-base frames provide excellent coverage in a design that is slightly more open than an 8-base frame. People often prefer these 6-base designs because they are less likely to fog up. But the primary reason that sports enthusiasts look for 6-base sunglasses is because we can put higher prescriptions in these frames that are slightly less curved than an 8-base frame. In general, if your prescription is outside the boundaries of -4.50 to +3.00 you might be happier in six base sunglasses than eight base. The new Digital Prescription Lenses give us the ability to put these higher prescriptions on curved frames without creating the "fishbowl effect" that standard surfacing will cause. We can certainly go well beyond this -4.50 to +3.00 limit, but the lens might be a bit thicker than you would like, and it might take a little longer to get acclimated to the change in base curve.These 6-base frames are often hard to recognize when mixed in with all the 8-base frames, so we have created this page exclusively for 6-base sunglasses. All of the sunglasses below are available as prescription 6-base sunglasses or as regular sunglasses.

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