Walther CCP M2 Cleaning & Review plus XS Big Dot Sights Installation


Walther CCP M2 Cleaning & Review plus XS Big Dot Sights Installation

Full Walther CCP M2 cleaning, review, and XS Sights Big Dot installation.

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So what’s up YouTube? All right, this is William Bronson. I’m going to talk about the Walther CCP M2. Now, the Walther CCP M2, The M2 stands for the second generation of it, the first one required a tool to take it apart and clean it and things like that. So version two does not require a tool. And I really love it. So let’s go ahead and dive right in. This is something that my son and I went to Cabela’s. And we were looking for a concealed carry gun for me. single stack nine millimeter was kind of what I was looking at something ultra concealable because I wear business clothes. Normally, I normally wear a dress shirt and slacks, tuck my shirt in. And nowhere, anywhere have I found advice on how to conceal carry in that situation. But I will cover that at some point here soon. Look for the other videos and you’ll see that But without further ado, I’m going to talk about the Walther CCP. 

And the pros and cons of it. Like I said, My son and I went to Cabela’s looked at them, we held a bunch of different guns. And we decided on that. So let me go ahead and dive right in. So here’s the case that the author came in. And you can see my son got it for me for Christmas. He’s only 19. So he got it through his mom. And he spent his hard earned money on it, which was really freakin cool. So to pop a bear from your favorite son, that’s Brooks, my son. He’s awesome. And this was his gift to me. So when you first open this case up, you don’t have a whole lot. But you know, every gun manufacturer has their own lock that they give you usually. And some things like that. There’s a little tool for adjusting the site. And we’re gonna go over that site today because it’s got a lot of limitations. It comes with a couple of things, comes with locks, comes with the safety thing and a little manual. They’re very helpful, the manuals helpful. This came in the gun to protect the chamber, I guess. And then there’s two there’s two Allen wrenches, and two additional Front Sight posts that raise or lower the the height of the front sight. One of these allen keys goes to the rear sight to adjust it right to left. And so we’ll look at that in just a second because we are going to look at the sights. And let me go over here to my new UTG range bag. It’s super awesome. Now I just came from the range, so I do need to clean it. Well, we’re gonna take this thing apart, talk about it. And then we’re going to review what I think is the best set of sites on the market for any handgun. or really any gun that if they fit on and we’ll talk more about those. 

So, this is the Walther CCP into now, the Walther CCP, like I said, it’s a single stack nine. It’s really small. And you’ll see the specs here on the screen. But what I like most about it is that it sits I have a big hand and it fits like a glove. My hand when when somebody shakes my hand usually they say it’s like shaking and ribeye steak. So I’ve got a big hand. And so when when I go to grip this gun, it fits just perfect. In a big hand, it swallows it up, but it fits just perfect. Any smaller or any shorter and it wouldn’t work right. And what I love about this gun, initially, is the ergonomics of the grip Now the CCP m two as well as the P pq both have this ergonomic grip. And there’s a lot of differences, but mainly, size is the biggest difference. So I wanted this to be ultra concealable. And I’ll show you my deep concealment and then also a holster that I made. My my dad taught me leather working when I was a boy. 

And so I’ve made and remade this holster over and over and over about three or four times. Like I said, the version one required a tool. And this one doesn’t. So with the Walther, you can tell whether or not it’s cocked by this, you’ll see a red red indicator here. So let’s go ahead and check the chamber, make sure everything’s safe. pop this out. Okay, another thing, the slide is really easy to work. So for someone who doesn’t have a lot of strength, it’s a whole lot simpler to use a whole lot easier to use. And I don’t find that it hinders it in any way. It’s just as robust of a firearm as anything should be. I will say it’s much more robust than, say the Ruger LCP and those kinds of smaller tiny guns. And then there’s one that I bought for my daughter as a SIG p 238. It’s a 380. Super cool gun, but tiny, not nearly as tiny as the rigor is, but anyway, so here we go. We’ve cleaned we’ve, we’ve cleared the chamber, we’ve taken the magazine out. So now how do we clean it, we’ll go ahead and release that. And you’ll notice the red indicator there. All right. So then you go ahead and you push in right here. 

Just with the tip of your thumb, you push in about a millimeter. And then there’s this switch right here, pop it over. And let go of with your thumb, and you’ll notice it comes out see it releases a little bit. Okay, and then you want to be careful, because sometimes the spring and the thread thing are there, it’s loaded, not loaded, like with a bullet that spring loaded. And I have seen where this little red thing is not firmly seated in the spring good. And it’ll fly across the room and you’ll you won’t be able to use the gun until you get a new one. So be careful with that. But you just pulled this, this out like that. And then you can you can go back just a little bit with the slide. And up. And then it releases the tension. And you’re good. So now you just get it over the hump here. And there you go. So it comes in this piece, spring. And then the slide. Now this piece here, the spring with the little red daily on it. It’s got a place right here, I don’t know if you can see it right there. That lock that keeps it from coming all the way out. And if you really want to clean this gun, you just again, put the tip of your thumb in there and let it come past it and that comes right out. No problem. Do not try to take the spring out of here. It’s not designed to come out. And don’t pull this red thing out either. You’ll be hate life if you do that. So So now let’s go ahead and clean it real quick. And I’ll show you my cleaning methods real easy. And then stay tuned we’ll get to the best sights in the world that I think shortly. So you’ll notice some at the dining room table and I am happily married. And if you want to stay happily married and you’re going to clean your guns at the dining room table on a pretty white runner and everything. You’re going to need something to put down. 

So I bought I kind of revamped my cleaning method. In the past, I was using this kit here. And let me open it up real quick and show you it’s the typical kit that you’ll always see that everybody seems to have. And and here you go see, it’s this full kit, with all the rods and the brass brushes and all the stuff, right little patches, everything. I was raised cleaning guns this way. And there’s nothing wrong with it, you can clean a gun like this forever, and it’s not a problem. But let me show you the new method that I’ve adopted. Just because I wanted it to be simpler and easier. First of all, I got dry mate, gun cleaning mat, or pad. Take a look and see where you can get those I got mine, I got a lot of stuff on Amazon. 

This one is 16 by 59. So it’s large. I got it because I’ve also got long guns I want to clean and things like that. And I don’t want a bunch of different pads sitting around. So I’m gonna take this out of the package, get things set up, right back. Okay, so here’s my new cleaning method. I get this hops, number nine. thumbing bore cleaner. It’s, it’s awesome. But be really, really careful. I’ll show you this in a minute. But don’t push the trigger down on this can very hard because it’ll spread across the room. Get all over your walls and everything else. I know that by experience. So please heed my warning. This is milspec CLP said all in one good lubricant, preservative and cleaner. So got these these double sided q tips are long. And one side is you can probably see is pointed and the other side isn’t. Right. So it helps get into little places. 

And these were made in China, I’m not sure I got a whole ton of them here for not much money big pack full of them in the last week, probably forever. I get this mat like I was saying this pad. It is a very long and this one goes all the way across the table. And it’s still got some left to go. So I can easily clean my rifles, my shotgun and everything else and not worry about things getting on the table. I also got I have this paper I’ve had it for a long time. And I think it came in a package as wadding and I flattened it out and I just use it to put down and it’s also a good idea to have yourself one of these read shop shop rags. You’re not going to get a lot of buzz off of it like you would with terry cloth. So these are very good. I like these a whole lot you can get a whole pack of them at AutoZone or O’Reilly or somewhere really cheap. Good stuff. So all right. So let’s go ahead and clean this gun. So again, the on the Walter there’s not very many parts. But this the barrel is fixed. 

The barrel is fixed on to the gun here. And so the way I do this is I put the shop rag right here on the end of the barrel to keep it from shooting across the room when I use this foaming Bork leader. Okay, I shake it until it stopped shaking. So like it’s getting activated. And then I barely touched this. There we are. I don’t know if you saw that. I barely touched the trigger. It’s kind of like a it’s kind of like a competition. heritrix crazy. All right. Nah, raise that up till it calms down there. And then I take Okay, here’s what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna lay out my shop rag like this. Okay? Yeah, I’m going to take my slide. And again, be real careful, don’t, don’t pull not push all the way down because it it streams out, doesn’t spray out. Go ahead and get that going. A little bit stream on this, your your hand to the back of the backer. Spring same thing is kind of spray like that that’s backer. Don’t worry about getting it all over your hands. If you worry about getting stuff on your hands, you’re not going to be able to clean your gun. Alright. Get all up in there can like when you feed your dogs, just get your hands all up in there and let them smell your hands. Alright, so I digress. Alright, so here’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna, we’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonna spray this also a little bit, being really careful not to get it anywhere near the dining room table. 

Okay. So now that we’re all oily, we got stuff everywhere. All right, good stuff. I happen to have another rag for my hands. So now, let’s use these q tips a little bit, see what happens. Good stuff. Let’s take the slide. And we’re just gonna get down in, it’s gonna get down in the crevices of the slide here. Just to make sure we get all that good stuff out of there. All that carbon all the build up. gunpowder, lead, whatever. Go around there, okay. And you can tell you’re doing a good job. If it’s turning black, right? Turn it around, keep on going. People who don’t clean their guns at all, ever. They’re asking for a lot of trouble asking for it. I clean my guns a lot. In fact, if I haven’t used my gun in a while, I’ll clean it anyway. Because the older guns, the blued steel guns, they’ll actually start kind of rusting over time if you don’t keep them oiled and clean. So I gotta be careful. These new polymer ones, not so much. All right, well, that’s good q tip. 

Now, check this out. This is a new acquisition this, this replaces the old rod and patches and all that stuff and the brass brushes too. It’s called a boresnake. They’re really cool. They have a way to end on a string. And then it’s got this webbing. And then in between the webbing, right here, it’s got brass wire stuff. So the thing is that this pulls it through, you pull the brass thing through, and then instead all this webbing, to clean it to clean the barrel, so the way you use it is he put it down through the barrel like that. And you just start pulling. Okay, so feed that in. And then here comes the brass stuff and the first few times, or I don’t know, maybe 10 times you got to pull really hard and There you go. And I l ike to do it twice. Now, let’s get something white so you can see this. It’s fairly white. You can see in the barrel you see in there looks really clean and oily. So, we are gonna, we’ll run that through again, after we get some of this oil cleaned up. So we’re just gonna start, I’m just gonna start rubbing the frame here. Now that we’ve done the barrel, and we’ve done the Q tip, and the ramp, and the entrance to the barrel, you want to make sure that all that’s clean, right? This isn’t just a cleaning tutorial we’re talking about the gun to so the gun. I really love it. I am not as accurate with it as I am with my Springfield XDM 45 because this gun is light, and it takes a different technique to really be accurate with it. And so I’ve been practicing I did pretty good. 

I’ll show you this target here in a minute. But the only thing I don’t like about this gun other than the fact that it’s light and it it takes a little more practice to get accurate with it. The only thing I don’t like about the Walther CCP into is the lack of accessories. It just doesn’t have very much out there. Everywhere I looked even. It’s crazy. Even holster manufacturers they don’t have very much out there. So the holsters I would find the holster I really liked like the shape shifter or whatever. I was looking at alien clean Klinger and all these different holster manufacturers to Santas. And they just don’t have a lot for this gun. And some of the ones I really liked for concealment. They didn’t they didn’t have anything for the like inside the waistband, modular type stuff. They got it for everything else, but not the Walther CCP, a lot of them have the holster for the Walther PP Q. But not the CCP. So we’re almost done here. Give me just a moment. Let’s finish this up. We’ll put it all back together and then I’ll show you the sights. Alright. So let’s clean up the mag. The gun comes with two magazines, which is cool. 

All right. Now the slide. Let’s get that done. It’s pretty cool. It’s got this blowback deal. It’s a dream to shoot. It’s really simple to shoot really easy. It’s not not harsh. This would be a perfect gun for a younger person or somebody without a lot of strength. But the control that you have with it’s just amazing. It’s really cool. Alright, let’s go ahead. Alright, let’s go ahead and get back together. talk to you about the site. Alright, so first thing you do is you go ahead and put this back in the slide. And it’s really easy to do. You find the rear of the slide here, turn it upside down. And then you’ll see this slot, the slot goes up, slides down and see it won’t go any further than that deal there. He got to push it with your thumb and it slides right in. Okay. So you go ahead and leave it dangling out like this. Not a problem. You get your spring okay. So here’s what we’re gonna do. Put the spring on there. And this doesn’t go in there like that, it goes down below it, you go ahead and put the spring above that low back dealing like that. And then you’re gonna push back on the slide, and that blowback thing is gonna have to go into a channel. So it’s a little tricky. You kind of have to play with it a little. But there you go, and then the slide goes back. And then you push this down there. So that it’s just like this. Okay. And then you just pop this in. And you’ll hear a click. For that point, racket work is a little bit and you’re good, you’re good to go. Just get the excess oil off. And I bought speaking of holsters real quick. 

I bought a couple of holsters. But for my range bag, I bought this cleaner holster. So the cleaner, the cleaner holster here, is really simple. You just put the gun in. And it’s got this, you don’t want to get oil on it. But it just sort of friction keeps it in your waistband inside your waistband. And it’s pretty cool. There’s a magazine holder that came with it too. So it holds the other mag and you can put that inside your waistband is sort of holds it there. You want to be careful, because obviously it’s not gonna stay there all day without you. Being conscientious about it, and you can’t really wrestle with it in your pants. But if you’re just taking it, let’s say you’re taking it from your car to your home, or you’re taking it from your car to your work or whatever. It’s really easy and you can even carry it concealed carry if you’re not going to be real active doing a bunch of sports or something. All right. So here’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna look at the site. Take a look at the Walther sites. Okay, let’s hang on. Let me move all this stuff out of the way. We’re not cleaning anymore. 

All right. Now, take a look at the Walther sights. Now, my problem is twofold. Okay, first of all, they’re really dim. They’re hard to see. They don’t jump out at sight. target acquisition is squirrely, which might be a lot of the reason why I wasn’t that accurate. Because it’s kind of like trying to line up three UFOs. You try lining up three UFOs up in the sky, just and then move those three UFOs over and try to acquire a target. It’s done every day. People do it. But I don’t like it. I hate it. In fact, it’s really a pet peeve of mine. Okay, asides are a big pet peeve of mine. So I went out and I looked for something to do. I was gonna first I was gonna get some nail polish and a toothpick. And I was gonna brighten those up, which would have worked I did on my Springfield XDM and it worked. Okay, but it’s still I got two rear white sights and a bright orange front sight. And it’s easier than this, of course, but it’s still trying to do geometry while you’re like, you know, your adrenaline’s running, rushing and if if you’re trying to engage an attacker, you don’t have to To do a geometry project, so anyway, they really can’t stand them. So I went did some research. And I reached out to a company here in Fort Worth, Texas. 

And I told him I was gonna do a video on the wall third, because there’s not a lot for it out there not a lot of accessories. And we’ll talk more about wall three accessories for this gun in other videos. But this company was so cool. I talked to a guy who volunteered with the company to just to be around him because he liked it. He liked the the people, he liked the product. And this guy Finally, I guess, got a paid position. But he was a volunteer for a long time. And I can see why. They were super cool. Super nice to me. And I’m going to show you, I just got it in the mail. I’m super excited about it. And I want to show you this site. So the company is called excess sites. And they sent me these sites and I’m really excited to see them. I’m not going to ruin the surprise about what they look like. just yet. So let’s go ahead and open this up. I love my knife. By the way. This is a Columbia River. Crawford, Casper, they don’t make them anymore, but Crawford and Casper got together and made this design super cool. Nice. It’s balanced it the combat folder. I even got my dad one. He loved it too. So let’s open this package up. Excess sight systems, Fort Worth Texas. Awesome. Awesome. Take a look. Alright, so this is not this is it. So this is the DX t night sights. Big Dot for the Walther CCP, PPS, PPS, m two, nine and 40. So it works on all those. They’re at x s sites.com. 

The instructions are there on the website. So I’ll be pulling up screenshots of some of those as I put these on. And then you can always email them. It’s tech te ch at x s sites.com. Anyway, I’m really excited to see these. And so the front, I don’t know if you can see that the front is a white and the rear is also white. But the cool part about this is if you’ll notice, it’s just a line. So you line the.up with the line, and you’re done. Your target acquisition time is cut. I haven’t done a study on it yet. But I would imagine that your target acquisition time would be cut in half. Unless you shoot all the time and you practice all the time and you’re fine with normal sights. But just pulling this thing out having adrenaline rushing and acquiring your target and shooting. I think this is gonna be exactly what I wanted. I’m not sure what that is. That’s either Loctite or could be some kind of close stuff. But here’s a picture of it the DMC night sights. And there’s a picture of the sight alignment. See how fast that looks? It’s a line and a dot. Like putting the ball on a stick, you’re done. No three dot lineup UFOs with F 16. 

Chase, none of that kind of stuff going on when you’re trying to to aim your firearm. This is so cool. Why that reflects light best visibility in low light okay. convex dot maximizes visibility surface area. Okay, so it’s not like the Walther sites. If you look They’re really dim while they’re also sunken, then they’re sunken in there. And that’s one of the reasons why they’re doing is because they’re not protruding at all. They’re not even flush. So they’re your darker shadowed. This thing protrudes a little bit. All right, so let’s go ahead and install these things. I’m really excited to do it. It says, extended range and close range. So it’s got two different ways of going about it. The entire dot must be visible and centered over the shallow v. Awesome. Okay, well, we’ll come right back with the instructions and the installation. Okay, so with the excess sites, the package is really easy to open. There’s just two staples. We’re gonna open this up and then it started on the installation. And there’s a warranty What does this say about by a no questions, or anti access sites will replace the product if the site’s become damaged in any way. The tritium stops glowing prior to 10 years, wow, 10 years. sites can be replaced at a discounted price after 10 years. Get a free access patch by writing an online review. post a review on any e commerce website forum or social media email is the link to marketing at excess size.com with your contact and mailing information, and you get a free patch. I wonder if that’s embroidered, that’d be super cool does so on my UTG bag, their excess size seems like a pretty cool company. 

So bright light. So when it’s when it’s bright outside, this is what it looks like. low light, it starts to glow here. You don’t see the white but you see the green, barely any light. You see a brighter green, so the site acquisition is still there. And I guess to figure out because it said to make sure that the entire.is above the line. I guess it’s picture there’s a little gap right there. But we’re gonna play with that we’re gonna make sure we understand all of it. So let’s go on over the The instructions are on video, which is really cool because you can go to YouTube. And when you go here to access sites calm it lists resources at the top on the menu. So you’ll click on Resources and then it’ll have all these instruction videos on on installation, and they’re on YouTube. So therefore, a variety of guns. The Walther CCP is going to be probably consistent with the Walther PP Q. But we’ll go ahead and take a look. Okay, so according to the instruction video, this should be fairly simple. We have the front sight here. That’s the big white dot. And then we have this. The front sight appears to be plastic, just like the original one. The rear sight appears to be metal. And there’s that there’s that line. So it’ll look like this. 

And then that’s dovetailed. All right. So the instruction video is just a little different. For the CCP, the Walther CCP Because the screw is not going to go in the side like the, like the video showed for the Walther, they didn’t have an exact Walters CCP video, which, I guess it’s good that I’m doing it right. What else do we have in here we’ve got looks like allen key here, I would assume it’s, it’s for this we’ll see, we will see. All right, and then this is Loctite. That’s for the front side, I believe, according to the video, you, you get a Q tip. And here’s my q tip. So you get a Q tip and some alcohol here. And you’ll clean the front receiving part of the where the site goes. Alright, so we’re gonna go ahead and get this ready. So the first thing, you push this in, there we go. And then you go back just a little bit to show all that all out. Get this out of the way. We’re gonna go ahead and take this out just because I don’t want it bouncing around. And there we have it, it was the slide. I did a little too much lubrication there. So certain things in life too much lubrication is too much, right? certain things, it doesn’t matter. I guess this is one of those things that it maybe it should be a little more sparing than I did. But nonetheless, it works. Also, I think if you have too much lubrication on it, and you don’t wipe it off, it can gum up the action a little bit. All right, so here we go. 

Now, this is a little different than most of those videos also, because you have this, this piston attached here, this is for the blowback. And when I was cleaning the gun, I did not show you that hole where the where that piston goes that hole and see if I can get you a better view of it. Right? Right there, see the hole you’re gonna want to clean that out. So the cleaning kit that I got, or the cleaning kit that I had the old one with the rod and the patches is really still beneficial when you’re cleaning the Walther CCP, mostly because of that hole down there. And you can’t put a snake through it, it’s gonna have to be a rod in a patch, right? So it’s still a good idea to keep the rotten patch idea. The boresnake is awesome. The board cleaner is awesome. The the hops, number nine stuff is really good. So anyway, back to this. Alright, so this piston, they recommend that you hammer out the pin and take this off in order to replace the front sight Well, I never have I’ve replaced this a number of times trying to get the sights right and trying to make it more true to my vision when I’m shooting. 

And so the The gun comes with two additional Front Sight posts. A replacement roll pin for something not sure what exactly probably the size of it looks like maybe it’s for the for The body. But then there’s an Allen key and forks key in here. So here’s the allen key, we don’t, we don’t need that yet, but I’m gonna put it over there. And then here’s the torques key that comes with the gun, right? So you can see, you’ve got this, this little torques head on here. Well, so what I do, and what I’m going to attempt to do here for you, is it I’m going to attempt to do this around the side of the, the piston just like this. Now, it’s, it’s in there, it’s fitting in there, and it’s firmly in the grooves of the screw. So I’m not going to strip it out. And I think if I just turn nice and slow, I don’t get in a hurry. It’ll come right. And there we have it came right out. There’s a little screw that over there. Here’s the site post. Let’s take a look at that. Maybe we’ll use this hex key to push the torques key to push it out and see if that’ll work. Yep, that helps push it out to you. So there we have it. There’s the front sight gun. There it is. Nothing but a whole. So So now is when you clean it really good. And we’re gonna use this alcohol. I really like these long q tips are awesome. So we’re gonna clean all in here. Mainly, this top part. You want to clean this top part really good with alcohol because the Loctite won’t work if it’s if it’s all full of that lubricant that we put on there earlier, right when we clean the gun. So we’re just gonna clean this really good. Just kind of let it sit on there. Make sure there’s no oil. All right. Now it’ll dry pretty good. But you want to make sure that you that you don’t wipe from the other parts that you didn’t put the alcohol on over to the part that you did. 

You just want this little area right here. Free of grease and cleaned with alcohol. Right? And do not use the rag because then you’ll put oil back on it right? I’m gonna stop saying right. I hate that when people do that. They’ll say you know, or you feel me or you know me or you got it or I’m and I hate us. I forget what they call those but they’re still annoying. Okay, so according to the video, we are going to reuse we’re going to reuse the screw for the rear sight but we’re not going to reuse the screw for the front side. So that comes with a screw here. But it’s not a hex. It’s not a torques, it’s flat. So that’s fun. That means I need to find a flathead screwdriver here as part of the deal and I believe that was listed as part of the tools needed and I didn’t pay attention to anyway, we’re gonna go ahead and get started. So you take the screw off, please. Here it is. A little screwdriver like this works pretty good. If you Have gun tools and, you know, doesn’t matter, but I don’t. So I’m just using stuff my dad gave me through the years and, and I’ve accumulated. So let’s take a look at this site again. Okay, there’s a screw. Let’s get the screw off of there. There we go. Put the screw right there. And let’s prep this lock tight to. It looks like it’s got a maybe a hole there. There we go, that pops a hole. Here we are. So we’ll hang on to that. Okay, so here’s, here’s where the site goes. And we’re gonna go ahead and put this Loctite like it shows the video, they put it all around the the hole in some kind of down in it a little bit. Like that. Okay. And then we’re gonna wipe off the excess after the site’s been screwed down. 

So white dot towards the rear. Go ahead and put it in there. Okay, needs to fit down in the hole. So make sure you push it down in there. Good. Okay, so we’ve got the flat little flathead screwdriver. And I was having a problem. And I’m not going to cut this video, I’m going to show you everything I went through to put these sites on. So what you just saw was a little bit of a conundrum for me trying to figure out how to get this site to go down in the hole because it fits so good. And I’m not entirely sure this is plastic. Because I was trying to mess with a little bit. And it was really hard stuff. So it’s good, good materials. And it’s lightweight. I’m just not entirely sure this is plastic, but anyway, doesn’t matter. So here’s what I’m gonna do. Okay, we’re gonna put the Loctite backwards supposed to go. I it’s all prepped and ready. Just like the video showed. The video didn’t show a problem putting the front sight post guy now. So now here’s the here’s what I did. Okay, so I put it on there. I got it where it supposed to go. And I was having a problem getting it down in the hole. It didn’t want to go. It still doesn’t right. But I made sure it was exactly where it’s supposed to be. You don’t want to you don’t want it overlapping or anything. But then I got my little little vise grips. Put them right in there. And let’s see here. you tighten. loosen this up a little bit. Okay. pop that right in there is a tight fit. I doubt. I really doubt if the Loctite is necessary. I’m serious. It’s that tight. 

So these guys are precise and access sites. Alright, so I’m gonna clean around the edges, get the Loctite out of there. And that’s where these q tips come in with the pointy end. Pretty good stuff. There. So let me get all that out. Just bear with me while I clean up a little, and you can get the rest of it off, you can get it off later. But it’s always better to get this stuff off soon, you know, wet and dry and and get no sticky and hard. Okay, there we go. Now turn it over. Now I got to figure out how to get this little screw in there. So I don’t know how I’m going to do it. So what I’m gonna do first is I’m just gonna lay it in there and try to try to lay it in the in the groove and then use the screwdriver to move it over there into the hole. There we go, that worked. And then I’m going to slide in, just like I did with the torques. And I’m gonna go backwards with it. And then a little forwards just to try to make sure that it seats into the threads and it’s not cross threaded. You don’t want to cross thread anything. See if you can see this. So I’ve got it, and I’m just gonna do it. finger tight. I’m gonna give a little OLT. And the Loctite should help secure that. So that’s the front sight done. Not too bad for my first time. And I didn’t have to pay a gunsmith the excess sights. Instructions are pretty helpful. All right. Now, let’s deal with the rear. So in the instructions for Walter CCP M2 talks about a little plunger, and it just slides over and all that. I don’t see that happening at all. So I’m going to use this allen key that came with the gun. And I’m just gonna start to I’m gonna stick it in there and I’m just gonna start to turn it and see what happens. I heard it’s, somebody said it’s clockwise. It’s opposite from what we think of. So it says that the read it backwards. And if that’s the case, then turning this clockwise. should get this right there. Okay. Bear with me. Okay, so once it stops, stops moving it, then you just, you just use your fingers and pull on it, and it pulls that dovetail site right out of there. Awesome, huh? 

Okay. So clean this up a little bit. I guess I could use a Q tip. Clean it up a little. Now, if you’ll notice, right down in there in the middle. The way that the the way that this site adjusts. The way this site adjusts is that the screw threads dig into the slide and it moves this site back and forth right. So when you put this one in We put this one in, I think this key is gonna. Yeah, this key has an allen screw, it’s a set screw in the bottom here. And so this key is gonna push that set screw right down into these threads. And it’s probably going to goober up the threads. So, once you do this, you can’t go back to factory sites. And why would you, these sites are awesome. So anyway, looks pretty simple. So you slide right in there, slides in good. And now, when you adjust this, at the range, you’re just going to use this allen key, you’re going to loosen that up. And then you’re going to physically move it one way or the other, just a little bit to site your gun in. But in the meantime, we’re gonna, we’re gonna look at it. We’re gonna try to get it right in the middle. And then we’re gonna put it down in here. And we’re gonna turn that set screw and lock this down. Not too hard, you don’t want you don’t want to bend this allen key, but it’ll just go pop up like that. And then and then you know that it says that’s really, I think we’re done. 

Check this out. Talk about site acquisition, Wham. That’s fast. I can’t wait to go the range with this. So we’re gonna cut here. And then I’m gonna do a follow up video with these sights at the range. Anyway, now you have your sights installed. I hope you enjoyed the video. Comment below and reach out to the guys at access sites. Let them know that you saw this video and tell them what kind of gun you got. And they’ll fix you all up. Okay. All right till next time.

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