Walther CCP M2 9mm XS Big Dot Sights Installation

XS Big Dot Sights Installation

Installing the XS Sights Big Dot Sights on a Walther CCP M2 9mm

Walther CCP M2 XS Big Dot Sights Install & Review Have You Noticed an

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XS Big Dot Sights Installation video transcription:

Take a look at the Walther sites. So the company is called x s sites. And they sent me these sites and I’m really excited to see them. I’m not going to ruin the surprise about what they look like just yet. So let’s go ahead and open this up. This is the DX t night sights. Big Dot for the Walther CCP, PPS, PPS, m two, nine and 40. So it works on all those. There are excess sites.com, the instructions are there on the website. So I’ll be pulling up screenshots of some of those as I put these on. And then you can always email them. It’s tech te CH, at x s sites.com. Anyway, I’m really excited to see these. And so the front, I don’t know if you can see that the front is a white and the rear is also white. But the cool part about this is if you’ll notice, it’s just a line. So you line the.up with the line, and you’re done. You target acquisition time is cut, and I haven’t done a study on it yet. But I would imagine that your target acquisition time would be cut in half. Unless you shoot all the time and you practice all the time and you’re fine with normal sights. But just pulling this thing out, having adrenaline rushing, and acquiring your target and shooting. I think this is going to be exactly what I wanted. I’m not sure what that is. That’s either Loctite or could be some kind of close stuff. But here’s a picture of it, the DSC night sights. And there’s a picture of the sight alignment. See how fast looks. It’s a line in a dot. Like putting the ball on a stick, you’re done. No three dot line up UFOs with F 16. Chase it on none of that kind of stuff going on when you’re trying to aim your firearm. This is so cool. white dot reflects light best visibility and low light okay. convex dot maximizes visibility surface area. Okay, so it’s not like the Walter sights, if you look. They’re really dim. Well, they’re also sunken then if sunken in there, and that’s one of the reasons why they’re doing this because they’re not protruding at all. They’re not even flush. So they’re darker, shadowed. This thing protrudes a little bit. All right, so let’s go ahead and install these things. I’m really excited to do it. The package is really easy to open. There’s just two staples. We’re going to go ahead and open this up and then it started on the installation. And there’s a warranty What does it say? protected by a no questions. warranty. Excess sites will replace the product if the site’s become damaged in any way. The tritium stops glowing prior to 10 years. Wow 10 years. sites can be replaced at a discounted price after 10 years. Get a free access patch by writing an online review. post a review on any ecommerce website forum or social media email is the link to marketing at excess size.com with your contact and mailing information, and you get a free patch. I wonder if that’s embroidered that’d be super cold as you So on my UTG bag there, excess size seems like a pretty cool company. So bright light. So when it’s when it’s bright outside, this is what it looks like. low light, it starts to glow here, you don’t see the white, but you see the green, barely any light. You see a brighter green, so the site acquisition is still there. The instructions are on video, which is really cool because you can go to YouTube. And when you go here to access sites comm it lists resources at the top on the menu. So you’ll click on Resources, and then it’ll have all these instruction videos on on installation, and they’re on YouTube. So therefore, a variety of guns. The Walther CCP is gonna be probably consistent with the Walther pq. But we’ll go ahead and take a look. Okay, so according to the instruction video, this should be fairly simple. We have the front sight here. That’s the big white dot. And then we have this. The front sight appears to be plastic, just like the original one. The rear sight appears to be metal. And there’s that there’s that line. So it’ll look like this. And then that’s dovetailed. All right. So the instruction video is just a little different. For the CCP, the Walther CCP. Because the screw is not going to go in the side like the like the video showed for the Walter. They didn’t have a exact Walther CCP video, which, I guess it’s good that I’m doing it right. What else we have in here we’ve got looks like allen key here. I would assume it’s, it’s for this. We’ll see. We will see. All right, and then this is Loctite. That’s for the front side, I believe. According to the video, you, you get a Q tip. And here’s my q tip. So you get a Q tip and some alcohol here. And you’ll clean the front receiving part of the where the site goes. Alright, so we’re gonna go ahead and get this ready. So the first thing, you push this in, there we go. And then you go back just a little bit to sharp. Pull that all out. Get this out of the way. We’re gonna go ahead and take this out just because I don’t want it bouncing around. And there we have it is the slide. I did a little too much lubrication there. So this is a little different than most of those videos also because you have this, this piston attached here. This is for the blowback, this piston, they recommend that you hammer out the pin and take this off in order to replace the front sight Well, I never have I’ve replaced this a number of times trying to get the sights right and trying to Make it more true to my vision when I’m shooting. And so the The gun comes with two additional Front Sight posts. A replacement roll pin for something, not sure what exactly probably the size of it looks like maybe it’s for the for the body. But then there’s an Allen key and courts in here. So here’s the allen key, we don’t, we don’t need that yet, but I’m gonna put it over there. And then here’s the torques key that comes with the gun, right. So you can see, you’ve got this, this little torques head on here. Well, so what I do, and what I’m going to attempt to do here for you is that I’m going to attempt to do this around the side of the, the piston just like this. Now it’s, it’s in there, it’s fitting in there, and it’s firmly in the grooves of the screw. So I’m not going to strip it out. And I think if I just turn nice and slow, don’t get in a hurry. It’ll come right. And there we have it came right out. There, there’s a little screw that over there. Here’s the site post. Let’s take a look at that maybe we’ll use this hex key to push the torques key to push it out and see if that’ll work. Yep, that helps push it out to you. So there we have it. There’s a front sight gun. There is nothing but a hole. So, so now is when you clean it really good, and we’re gonna use this alcohol. I really liked these long q tips are awesome. So we’re gonna clean all in here. Mainly, this top part. You want to clean this top part really good with alcohol because the Loctite won’t work if it’s if it’s all full of that lubricant that we put on the earlier right when we clean the gun. So we’re just gonna clean this really good. Just kind of let it sit on there. Make sure there’s no oil. All right. Now it’ll dry pretty good. But you want to make sure that you that you don’t wipe from the other part that you didn’t put the alcohol on over to the part that you did. You just want this little area right here. Free of grease and cleaned with alcohol. A little screwdriver like this works pretty good. If you have gun tools, then you know, it doesn’t matter, but I don’t. So I’m just using stuff my dad gave me through the years and then I’ve accumulated. So let’s take a look at this site again. Okay, there’s a screw. Let’s get the screw off of there. There we go. Put the screw right there. Okay, so here’s, here’s where the site goes. And we’re gonna go ahead and put this Loctite like it shows the video. They put it all around the whole thing some kind of down in it a little bit like that. Okay. And then we’re gonna wipe off the excess after the site’s been screwed down. So white dot towards the rear. Go ahead and put it in there. Okay, needs to fit down in the hole. So make sure you push it down in there. Good. Okay, so we’ve got the flat little flathead screwdriver. And I was having a problem. XS Big Dot Sights Installation. And I’m not going to cut this video, I’m going to show you everything I went through to put these sites on. So what you just saw was a little bit of a conundrum for me trying to figure out how to get this site to go down in the hole because it fits so good. And I’m not entirely sure this is plastic. Because I was trying to mess with a little bit. And it was really hard stuff. So it’s good, good materials. And it’s lightweight. I’m just not entirely sure this is plastic, but anyway, doesn’t matter. So here’s what I’m gonna do. Okay, we’re gonna put the Loctite backwards supposed to go. I it’s all prepped and ready. Just like the video showed, the video didn’t show a problem putting the front sight post going. So now here’s the here’s what I did. XS Big Dot Sights Installation. Okay, so I put it on there. I got it, we’re supposed to go. And I was having a problem getting it down in the hole. didn’t want to go. It still doesn’t, right. But I made sure it was exactly where it’s supposed to be. You don’t want to you don’t want it overlapping or anything. But then I got my little little vise grips. Put them right in there. And see here, you tighten, loosen this up a little bit. Okay. popped it right in there is a tight fit. I doubt. I really doubt if the Loctite is necessary. I’m serious. It’s that tight. So these guys are precise. And access science. Alright, so I’m going to clean around the edges, get the Loctite out of there. And that’s where these q tips come in with the pointy end. XS Big Dot Sights Installation Pretty good stuff there. So we get all that out. Just bear with me while I clean up a little and you can get the rest of it off. You can get it off later. But it’s always better to get this stuff off. Soon. You don’t want to drive and get no sticky and hard. Okay, here we go. Now, turn it over. Now I got to figure out how to get this little screw in there. So I don’t know how I’m going to do it. So what I’m going to do first is I’m just gonna lay it in there and try to try to lay it in the in the groove and then use the screwdriver to move it over there into the hole. There we go. XS Big Dot Sights Installation. That worked. And then I’m going to slide in just like I did with the torques and I’m gonna go backwards with it. And then a little forwards just to try to make sure that it seeps into the threads and it’s not cross threaded. So you don’t want to cross thread anything. See if you can see this. So I’ve got it and I’m just gonna do it finger tight, I’m gonna get a little old. And the Loctite should help secure that. So that’s the front sight done. Not too bad for my first time. And I didn’t have to pay a gunsmith the excess sights. Instructions are pretty helpful. All right. Now, let’s deal with the rear. So I’m going to use this allen key that came with the gun. And I’m just gonna start to I’m gonna stick it in there, and I’m just gonna start to turn it and see what happens. I heard it’s, somebody said it’s clockwise. It’s opposite from what we think of. So it says that the read it backwards. And if that’s the case, then turning this clockwise. should get this right there. Okay. Bear with me. Okay, so once it stops, stops moving it, then you just, you just use your fingers and pull on it. And it pulls that dovetail site right out of there. Awesome, huh? Okay. So clean this up a little bit. I guess I could use a Q tip. Clean it up a little. Now, if you’ll notice, right down in there in the middle. The way that the the way that this site adjusts, the way this site adjusts is that the screw threads dig into the slide. And it moves this site back and forth, right. So when you put this one in, when you put this one in, I think this key is gonna. Yeah, this key has an allen screw, it’s a set screw in the bottom here. And so this key is gonna push that set screw right down into these threads. And it’s probably gonna goober up the threads. So once you do this, you can’t go back to factory sites. And why would you, these sites are awesome. So anyway, looks pretty simple. So you slide right in there, slides in good. And now, when you adjust this, at the range, you’re just going to use this allen key, you’re going to loosen that up. And then you’re going to physically move it one way or the other, just a little bit to site your gun in. But in the meantime, we’re gonna, we’re gonna look at it. We’re gonna try to get it right in the middle. And then we’re gonna put it down in here. We’re gonna turn that set screw and lock this down. Not too hard. You don’t want to you don’t want to bend this allen key, but it’ll just go pop pop like that. And then and then you know that it says that’s really, I think we’re done. Check this out. Talk about the site acquisition. Wow. That’s fast. I can’t wait to go the range with this. So we’re gonna cut here, and then I’m gonna do a follow up video with these sites at the range anyway, Now you have your site’s installed. I hope you enjoyed the video. Comment below and reach out to the guys at access sites, let them know that you saw this video and tell them what kind of gun you’ve got and they’ll fix you all up. Okay. All right till next time. XS Big Dot Sights Installation


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