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Hello, my name is Jeff Cline. I am a serial entrepreneur who has made a living online for the last 20 years. Sold a few, busted a few but digital …so digital is all I know, and if there is on thing I can share is that FRAUD is real and I have lived it.

FACT: I recently proved I received $17,800 in clicks from the same 5 MAC addresses

I have several businesses in different sectors and they all vary but the truth is FRAUD actually made me give up PPC and focus 95% of my energy on Organic Traffic…takes longer but less pressure, and way less fraud.

SECTORS: Insurance, Science, Biotech, Medical, Senior, Sports, Prescription, Glasses, ecomm…I think I have them all and they all share many of the same problems but some have very unique ones.

I have spent years working online ways to:

  1. Get more high intent – high quality traffic
  2. Create higher conversion rates.
  3. Decrease my Cost Per Acquisition
  4. Find out of the box ways to create win-win relationships #ARTLAB

If you would like to discuss how to reduce your click fraud, or any of the topics above please give me a call.




PS. I am sure your wondering why a CLICK FRAUD page is on a Oakley prescription sunglasses site but the fact is it is by biggest PPC fraud site so almost all of the 5million page views a month come from Organic Traffic.



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