Over Glasses Sunglasses

Over Glasses Sunglasses or Fit Over Glasses were created to fitover prescription eyewear. Over glasses sunglasses are not only affordable, comfortable and effective at blocking UV rays… fitover glasses are also fashionable. Follow our simple 3 step process to find the perfect size and style over glasses sunglasses.

Fit Over Glasses Styles

There are many styles to choose from when considering to purchase a pair of  fit over glasses sunglasses!


Mirror Polarized

Night Polarized

Computer Blue Light

Low Vision Fit-Over

Luxury Polarized

Polarized Clip-Ons

Polarized Flip-Ons

UV Filters

Low Light Vision Aids

Over Safety Rx

Over Goggles

Replacement Lenses


Measurements and Fitting

Step 1:

Measure the full width of your glasses.

Step 2:

Measure the height of your glasses from top to bottom.


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