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Buffalo Bills Oakley NFL Flak 2.0 Sunglasses

The Buffalo Bills were one of the first teams to join the NFL. In 1959 the Bills became the seventh team to join the league! The Bills have had quite a run during their franchise life. Many of you may know that the notorious O. J. Simpson played for the Bills Franchise as a running back. He was an integral part to helping the team back up on its feet.  Simpson had many different accolades that helped put the Bills in the spotlight which included the 2,003-yard rushing record he set in 1973. Another key component to the Bills success was Head Coach Marv Levy, who took over the coaching reins from Lou Saban in 1986. This change in leadership really started to turn things around for the franchise. In 1988, the Bills won five AFC Eastern titles in only six years.

The Bills also became the only team to ever play in four straight Super Bowls. Due to his great turnaround and hard work Marv Levy was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2001. The Buffalo Bills have a strong fan base that has been with the team through thick and thin! There isn’t a better way to show your team pride than a pair of Oakley sunglasses!

Buffalo Bills Rivalries

This Miami Dolphins are considered the Buffalo bills most famous rivalry. The prominence of this rivalry started in the 1970’s as the Dolphins won every matchup against the Bills which consisted of 20 straight wins. The Buffalo Bills’ luck changed the following decade after franchise quarterback Jim Kelly emerged as the leading factor. Another well known rival of the Bills is the New York Jets, both teams reside in New York and is one of the main reasons this rival exists in the first place. The Buffalo Bills lead this rivalry with the Jets, the rivalry is characterized as ugly and the fans are stated to have a begrudging annoyance for one another. Other rivals of the Buffalo Bills are the New England Patriots, Tennessee Titans and the Cleveland Browns.

Quarterback Jim Kelly is the Buffalo Bills All-Time Passing Leader and NFL Hall Of Famer. Kelly was born in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania and attended The University of Miami after graduating high school at East Brady. Jim Kelly was drafted #14 of the 1st round in 1983.

Frequently Asked Questions

What year did the Buffalo Bills join the NFL?


Buffalo Bills All-time Passing Leader?

Jim Kelly – 2,87/4779, att, 35,467 yds, 237 TD

Buffalo Bills All-time Rushing Leader?

Thurman Thomas – 2,849 att, 11,938 yds, 65 TD

Buffalo Bills All-time Receiving Leader?

Andre Reed – 941 rec, 13,095 yds, 86 TD

Buffalo Bills All-time Scoring Leader?

Steve Christie – 1,011 points

Buffalo Bills  All-time AV Leader?

Bruce Smith – 194 AV

Buffalo Bills Winningest Coach?

Marv Levy – 112-70-0

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