Blue Light Blocking Glasses

As a result of the increasing use of digital devices, 70% of all U.S. adults suffer from digital eye strain. It’s obvious that technology will only continue to evolve and remain as an essential function of our everyday lives, have you ever wondered what the long term affects of overexposure to harmful blue light have on your long-term help? Proper rest is needed  in order for you mind and body to heal and recuperate from daily exhaustion and stress. Blue light impacts photoreceptor cells in your eyes that suppress the natural production of melatonin needed for a good nights rest. Eye strain, headaches, brain fog, and physical fatigue are also affected by the harmful glare that is emitted from blue light, exposure to such harmful light increases the risk of macular degeneration due to the fact that the retina is penetrated by blue light.  Studies show that overexposure to blue light leads to damaged cells in the retina and ultimately causes symptoms that resemble macular degeneration, which leads to permanent vision loss.

Many other potential chronic health conditions caused by blue light include:

  • Poor quality sleep, due to melatonin suppression
  • Headaches
  • Digital Eye Strain
  • Brain Fog & Short Term Memory loss
  • Stress and anxiety from cortisol suppression
  • Female hormonal imbalance
  • Weight loss

It’s obvious that blue light is problematic to your overall health, that’s why we are offering you 2 packaged blue light blocking eyewear collections as a solution…

(Collection 1 Name To Be Announced)

– Plano & Prescription Options Available

4 difference types of blue light blocking lenses with light exposure percentages.

  • Clear filtered lenses blocks %5 – 40% of harmful blue light.
  • Yellow lenses blocks 40%-75% of harmful blue light.
  • Orange lenses blocks 100% of harmful blue light.
  • Red lenses blocks both green and blue light spectrum wavelengths from 400 to 570 nm. Optimal for night time use.


Blue Light Blocking Transitions Glasses

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Any Frame/Brand of your choice

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