Oakley Prizm

Oakley Prizm

Oakley Prizm Lenses and RX Glasses are among the most advanced prescription lenses on the market for consumers with high definition expectations. There is a Prizm Lens for every occasion. Including Ski Goggles and Motorcycle Goggles!

Oakley Prizm Trail

Geared for the hunter (Tactical Sunglasses) , running or jogging (Running Sunglasses)or mountain rider, Prizm Trail helps the user see the browns, reds and greens more vibrantly.  Deer, rocks and tree branches are more visible and Prizm Trail helps the user make quick decisions to take the shot or avoid obstacles while riding fast. Perfect in our Prescription Shooting Glasses, and

Oakley Prizm Golf

Made for the Pros or the weekend warrior, Prizm Golf  Sunglasses allows the eye to focus on greens and fairway clearly while also seeing any obstacle on the course.  Being able to read the green from 150 yards out is key to ball placement, and Prizm Golf helps in making those decisions on where to place the ball to beat your friends to winning The Masters.

 Oakley Prizm Field

The key to winning in baseball is being able to react quickly.  Prizm Field helps batter in making contact with pitch, or the outfield run down that fly ball with ease, our Sports Glasses are now perfected for game days.

Oakley Prizm Deep Water

Prizm Deep Water helps take the dark greys and blacks off the water, allowing less eye strain while on a boat for hours enjoying a day out catching fishing glasses.

Oakley Prizm Road

When cycling for hours or running a marathon, the eyes can get tired and cracks, holes or humps can be hard to notice in the road.  Prizm Road helps offset the dark feature of asphalt and allows the rider or runner to differentiate between all the obstacles, perfect for Prescription Motorcycle Glasses and Cycling Glasses .

Oakley Prizm Everyday

Prizm Everyday (Sapphire, Black, Jade, Tungsten, Ruby)

For the everyday wearer, Prizm Everyday lenses helps the eye see color more vibrantly while driving or just lounging outside.  Available in Polarized and Non-Polarized great option for our Prescription Sports Glasses.

Oakley Prizm Rose Gold

Todays red carpet look, this rose prizm will be the talk of the town and field, with its versitle look and appeal. Also very popular in our Asian Fit Sunglasses.

Deep Water Prizm Lenses

The perfect fit for Deep Sea fishing or boating, as these lenses have the ability to clear the first few feet of water allowing you to look into the water using Oakley Prizm deep water technology.

Best Polarized Sunglasses

Available in Prescription Safety Glasses too!

Oakley Prizm Prescriptions

Oakley Sunglasses with Prizm Lenses.

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