How to clean the little wheels on a Dyson DC44/45 cordless animal vacuum | AskDyson didn’t teach.

The Dyson DC44 and DC45 cleaning and review

How to clean the little wheels on a Dyson. Learn how to clean the Dyson DC44, DC45 cordless animal vacuum head including the four small wheels and axles. Other channels like AskDyson didn’t teach this. Here is the fantastic Dyson Digital Slim Mk2 DC44 Animal. (DC45 in Canada and Continental Europe) Here I show how to clean the wheels and bruch head. This took me 10 minutes total. The DC44 is a cordless vacuum cleaner. It is powered by a ‘fade-free nickel manganese cobalt’ battery that delivers a 20 minute run time. There are two powered motor brush floor ends. Capable of handling carpets & hard floors. This cleaner is more than for use as a quick clean around the kitchen. This vacuum cleaner could become your principle cleaner.

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Okay, YouTube, I’m gonna teach you how to clean this Dyson pet broom thing. How to clean the little wheels on a Dyson DC44. Because nobody else seems to know how to do it. Dyson doesn’t have any videos on it. So my wife, she said that you just pull this thing out and clean the roller. But then there’s these wheels. How do you clean the wheels? I figured it out, I’m going to teach you here. And hopefully, with some views, I’ll make some money on this video. So let’s get to it. Proceed quarter, something like that, maybe a key, pop this open, turn it to the left, you pull this out. And the roller just comes right out. Like that. pull all the hair off, cut it, whatever you have to do to get the hair off, get it clean. And then there’s two sides to this one has a pin. And you might want to dig, dig up in there and get the hair out of the pin. Like this one has a bunch of stuff up in there. Okay, take your time. I’m using a really small screwdriver that I got from my dad. And you can find these at Walmart real cheap. All right. Well, let’s, let’s Okay, that’s good enough don’t have to be perfect. The other side has sort of an indention here. And that ties into the gear that’s on the that’s on the head over here. So push it back up in there. Put the cap back on. Get your quarter and lock it to the right. And that’s all there is to it for that but don’t stop there because these little wheels there’s two in the front and two in the back. They get gunk up all up in there. And Dyson has no instructions whatsoever on how to fix that problem. “How to clean the little wheels on a Dyson DC44.”

But because we have a Roomba and the Roomba has wheels that pop out, I thought well, these wheels ought to pop out right? And they do but you got to be careful. So here’s how you do the back ones. They’re the easiest. Okay. So the back ones. You get a small screwdriver and put it down here between the casing and the wheel and pop up. Even a little open, you’ll hear that pop. You see the axle sticking out. You can pull the wheel off the axle like that. And then get your needle nose pliers which are over here hidden. All right, so then pull the axle out with your needlenose pliers like that. pull all the stuff off of it all the hair and junk. Then you have a wheel and an axle clean no here, right but the wheel back on the axle. Now this one you can sit straight in just like this. Sit it straight in like that. You don’t have to angle it or anything. But you’ll want to get your screwdriver and you hold one side down while you pop the other one in to the socket. So you’ll you’ll hear it You hear that? Okay? Then do the other side. There you go. And make sure it rolls. Good. Now you just cleaned the back wheels. The front wheels are really delicate, you can break them easy. I know cuz I almost did. So the front wheels.

Let me zoom in here. The front wheels. On the left side, there’s a pin, but the pin is recessed up in the casing right here. On the right side, it pops in, kind of like the the back wheels. But it’s only unidirectional. So there’s only one way to do it, the actual is furthest away from you. And then this other little tab is sticking out. So this is recessed. And this is only one way it goes in. And the way that you do it, whether you do it is let’s see if I can show you this. So you do the same thing that we did earlier where you put your screwdriver under here, and you kind of pry up, but you’re gonna go nice and slow. And you’re gonna go to one side, this right side or the outside of it. Okay, so be careful and But see, this is not metal, this axle is plastic. And so you want to be careful that you’re not tweaking on it too hard, but just work on it and work on it. And what you want is you want this the side that’s not recessed to pop out. You don’t want to pry on the side that’s recessed or you’ll break this little plastic axle. So pry on the side that’s not recessed, and just sort of work on it and it’ll pop like it just did. And then you pull it out, just like this. So, so check out how this is designed. Looks like a little flag, right?

You pull the wheel off, clean it up. And if it’s bent, just sort of work on it and bend it back. But this is what it looks like. Okay, now the way you put it back in on this side, because remember, this side is recessed this side is only one way in, that’s not the way in that is okay, so they actually goes in with the tab facing out. So grab the tab, put the wheel back on, like that. Now with both of them together, slide the axle in to the side. And it will look like and look like this. You want to make sure that you don’t slide the axle in too far. Because you want that tab to go all the way to the right side of the slot. So let me see if I can do it. Now. I’ll show you. There we go. Okay, so now it’s all the way to the right side. There’s no gaps right there in the plastic. So now you get your screwdriver and you finger you pop that back in until it until you hear a toilet you hear at the seat and it’ll pop. So you can push it with your thumb maybe first to kind of keep it for a second then usually Your screwdriver to push it back the rest of the way. If you don’t, if you don’t feel it flush and if you don’t hear it pop, this will pop out by itself and you’ll lose the wheel. That’s it. Hope you enjoyed it.

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