Brand Activation post-pandemic

We all know the world has changed, and so must our advertising!

Jeff Cline – Founder ADS Lifestyle – We have seen a 300% increase in COVID-19 Prescription Safety Glasses thanks to the pandemic! It is not something we are proud of, but the reality is all businesses must adapt to the changing markets not only to survive but provide valuable services!

Brand Activation post-pandemic

Covid has changed the way consumers are engaging with services and brands alike. If you are waiting for 2022 hoping your old advertising and marketing will work post covid think again. Because technology has pushed forward by 10 years, so must your efforts. Online businesses that have been able to adapt have seen up to 300% growth while their corporate and brand counterparts are seeing a dip. WHY? Because they were able to react or even start from scratch with a “TECH FORWARD” stack, designed to provide customer service, ease of use, and the ability to provide end results. NOT ALWAYS AT A DISCOUNT! This has changed a lot in the last 12 months, where the “PRICE” does not guide the purchase as much as engagement metrics like; EASE OF USE, SPEED TO SERVICE, SELF SUPPORTING DECISION MAKING, and TECH ENABLED PRE AND POST SALE COMMUNICATION.

Branding Strategies

National Co-op Marketing for emerging brands

We have seen a huge spike in local brands and small businesses leveraging national advertising to drive their small local business by working together with other small business owners in the same night but non-competitive geo-locations. “THAT’S RIGHT WORKING SMARTER NOT HARDER” was and is the new normal when it comes to marketing and staying in business! Most people don’t realize the efficiencies gained by advertising nationally, versus locally but when you figure out that 5 local companies can bring together their advertising budget and actually triple their leads for the same amount of money you quickly get attention. That is exactly what happened with a group of travel representatives in a down economy, they pooled their resources to not only stay in business but THRIVE in a down economy. MANY WOULD SAY IT WAS THE HARDEST INDUSTRY HIT, so to come out on top post-pandemic is considered a huge win. All involved when asked “WOULD YOU HAVE WORKED TOGETHER like this prior to COVID and the answer was a resounding NO WAY!


If you have not focused on this opportunity to invest in tech, it is not too late but you are behind those who decided that COVID was a great time to test and try new things, with little BRAND RISK. People were all looking for a way to survive, and using it as cover to test some out of the box thinking allowed many to try things they were not willing to try in the past at the risk of BRAND TARNISH, but COVID allowed for some slips and falls but many new learnings and HUGE WINS came from the cover of covid. One thing is for sure, ads, marketing, and consumer experience will never be the same!


New companies and old have almost adopted this “I love Covid” mentality (Not in a sick way-but in the spirit of coming out of the global pandemic better off than when they went into it!) because it has allowed them to accelerate much faster in the space than their large corporate counterparts or slow-reacting brands… because they were able to adapt quickly and leverage infrastructure to provide for services and customer
acquisition like never before and because they could use it as an excuse to break things and try new things. Never before has a brand been able to try fringe ideas and concepts and then use COVID as an excuse if it did not work out.

Example: REMOTE WORKERS: Moving staff to work remotely! “I am sorry our holds are longer than normal, many of our staff is working remotely due to COVID so please be patient.” we all heard it but believe it was because of COVID and it may have been but now big companies are adopting the learnings and leveraging it to their benefit, where in the past they may NEVER OF RISKED IT because they were afraid of “BRAND TARNISH”


Thinking out of the box and failing fast are the new norms post-pandemic and until everything settles you have a once-in-a-lifetime chance as a brand to try different things and blame it on COVID if it does not work.

Fastest growing advertising and marketing segments 2022

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing will never be the same. More brands are using it to not only acquire new customers but to spread messaging and tell stories more than ever before. Probably because of many people staying at home and are more engaged, but whatever the reason it is working and paying off big!

Predictive analytics with remarketing is allowing a level of accuracy and minimizing ADS WASTE providing a level of “RETURN ON INVESTMENT” like never before. Try 10 things and repeat what works, seems to be the new GO TO MARKET strategy as digital allows for a “FAST FAIL” in a fairly controlled environment.

Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing will probably be the biggest winner, as people are getting out of the house and looking for new ways to spend their newly found MONEY and FREE TIME unlike ever before.

Brand Activation Glass Box Truck

Custom Glass Box Trucks

Experiential Marketing will probably be the biggest winner, as people are getting out of the house and looking for new ways to spend their newly found MONEY and FREE TIME unlike ever before. Get Brand Activations ideas from the experts!

Authority Optimization for high-intent

Authority Optimization for older brands like 1-800-MEDIGAP, and those who serve the senior market like INCLINE Media (1-774-INCLINE) has shown leveraging technology to help those shut-in and not able to get services has become a huge win. “DOING THE RIGHT THING” yields long-term results just by providing something our customers in a timely manner helps the customer and the business! The creation of a “Medicare and Medigap Plan Insurance Help-line” has enabled those who can’t make it to a local office to get the benefits they need from the top trusted insurance brands.

Influencer cobranded deals

Influencer cobranded deals are very popular as it provides the brand a way to create add-on sales or reach without much risk and incentives the celebrity to leverage their platform. Risk is subjective as banking on a person does come with some potential downfalls and brand tarnishing outcomes if the celeb goes off the rails or gets caught in a viral war negative to the brand. Many smaller companies are willing to take such a risk as they are in the “BAD PRESS is FREE PRESS” mentality, but the larger brands are probably to weary of BRAND TARNISH! While others like the leading Online Survival Gear Magazine – Survival Dispatch leans into influencer marketing with a WORK FOR AMMO program and doubles down on Influencer Marketing! VISIT SITE

Private Advertising Networks

Private Advertising Networks are becoming very popular between big brands and agencies, where technology can allow for efficiencies in spend and conversion. Thanks to new technology brands and media buyers can co-op advertising spend, creating a long-term value chain for multiple buyers harnessing predictive analytics and machine learning to see huge ROI. Leading expert Jeff Cline has shown a 26% increase in sales, with a 13% decrease in spend in one of the oldest industries on the planet. Imagine what that would look like to your bottom line?

Call operative marketing agreements

Call operative marketing agreements are designed when 2 companies on the same path (Product or service for sale) leverage different operating systems (In-bound calls -vs- Web Leads) for the same KPI or success. IN-fact this is already happening in a HUGE WAY and most do not even know it, but the big marketing engines are making billions off this simple concept..fleecing both the brands and marketing companies. Imagin working directly with your competition, to create a win-win lowering your cost per acquisition by 50%…YES ITS OK!!!! You would be better off splitting it with your competition than paying twice as much to meet your goals, as the other competitors did not do it and now that are losing. Giving you really a HUGE INCREASE and saving money to do it. GET PAST YOUR EGO and think about the reality!!! Many businesses were forced to do this to stay open during COVID and are now wondering why they did not do it sooner?

Social Media & Service Industry

Social Media & Service Industry has expanded because of Corona. Many things that were not possible before like TeleHealth and Prescription over the phone have now become commonplace thanks to rule changes and Emergency Use Authorizations (that could be for VERY LONG TERM APPLICATIONS) and provide services to those shut-in because of covid. Many of our clients are even getting EYE EXAMS and EYE HEALTHCARE vis telemedicine and booking Eye Doctor Near Me Online appointments. Even the weight loss industry has seen a surge in online visits.

Non-Profits & Professional Athletes create a win-win!

Nonprofits are already winning big because of the need for people to want to help in any way they can. This is a great time for brands, athletes, celebrities to lean in and work together. Leverage “Big Brands” and “PERSONAL BRANDS” to help influence for a cause. Not only help their favorite non-profit but help themselves too. Many brands have a chance to lean into their favorite non-profit in a way leveraging technology and social media to create the perfect marketing and outreach machine. Celebrities and Professional athletes can really make an impact using their influence to help non-profits in a way they can not help themselves, and people are engaging like never before. SHAME ON YOU if you have this type of power and are not using it for the GOOD OF ALL. If you think it is too hard, leverage services like the one Dean Cline out of NYC offers to connect professional athletes to non-profits creating a win-win for all creating non-profits for athletes.

Where do you go from here?


Many companies and brands spend a ton of money on ideas and concepts, to find that the “IDEA” just did not work. We have interviewed “BIG PHARMACY BRANDS” and “LARGE BRICK AND MORTER” companies all to find that they had an idea, spent thousands if not millions of dollars to find that it was just a bad idea or they did not have the ability to execute. In today’s “FAIL FAST” culture amplified with the “COVID COVER” why not give it a try. Use technology and services designed to deploy and test ideas in under 21 days! Call 972-800-6670 if this has interest for details. Why waste money when you can get real hard actionable facts?

#ARTLAB “A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats” is the best way to explain how the technology powerhouse and marketing experts at SEEED have created such an amazing digital ecosystem designed to digital success!

Branding Testimonials

Millions are spent launching new products and services in fields like bio-tech to color blind glasses. New entries like Kardia Guard are entering the market with the FAIL FAST approach, to validate assumptions and create a market launch point using actual data and quick start proof of concept once use by ADS. Give us a call to explain how the process worked for us!

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