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Polarized Sunglasses Myths

07.30.15 by ADS Sports Eyewear

My stance on polarized lenses is about as controversial as it gets in the eye wear industry, but I believe anyone who takes a fresh look at this issue will agree that many long-held beliefs are wrong. Sometimes, bad information floats around for so long that people just start to believe it is factual. The […]

Free-Form lenses are Almost All That

07.20.15 by ADS Sports Eyewear

We LOVE the new Free-Form lens designs. ADS uses this hi-tech surfacing technology for almost all our prescription lenses. Free form lens technology may be the most significant improvement in prescription eyewear since Ben Franklin, but we are noticing that some industry experts have been exaggerating the benefits of this technology. Exaggerating the benefits of […]

AR Coatings Are Not Always Necessary

07.13.15 by ADS Sports Eyewear

The technology in the new Anti Reflective Coatings (AR Coatings) is very impressive, but if you don’t need this coating you can save lots of money by not ordering it. Palmer Cook, O.D. and Josiah Young O.D., M.S., two highly qualified opticians based out of Ohio, agree that AR coating is sometimes not always necessary. […]

Prescription Motorcycle Glasses and Sunglasses – The Best Lenses on the Planet

12.17.14 by ADS Sports Eyewear

All prescription lenses are not created equal. This is especially important to consider when designing Rx lenses for prescription motorcycle glasses and sunglasses. Many retailers are still using a standard lens design that does not account for the wrap of motorcycle glasses. This standard or ‘old school’ method of lens surfacing other retailers are using […]

Prescription Ski Goggles – Universal Insert

12.09.14 by ADS Sports Eyewear

Prescription Ski Goggles – Universal Insert Info Prescription Ski Goggles and snow goggles are rapidly becoming one of the hottest items on the slopes this year. For years, skiers thought their only options were either wearing glasses under their ski goggles, which is very uncomfortable, or wearing contacts that can become a big problem if […]