Most Popular Oakley Sunglasses for 2019 are still the FLAK 2.0

 Oakley FLAK 2.0

Oakley FLAK  2.0 has been one of the most popular Oakley sunglasses we have sold and now with the NFL agreement and the players, coaches and sideline crews required to wear only Oakley an hour before the game during the game and after the game for every NFL game in the 2019 / 2020 /2021 / 2022 season the demand and Buzz has got an even higher things to their customized look per NFL franchise… With over 100 new styles of Oakley flak 2.0 and their most popular glass options with all the team logos and colors it is sure to be a very busy season here at ADS. As you know we specialize in prescription Oakley 2.0 flak jacket sunglasses and your options will allow for your favorite NFL team look however at this very moment the logo will not be on the prescription glasses… A representative from Oakley while visiting our facility just prior to launch did say that they were working on getting the most popular teams I’ve been running in their prescription I wear line so the lenses will include the logo on the prescription lens for Oakley within the NFL series but it may take several months before the entire lineup will have the actual logo on the prescription sunglasses lens. So that’s the most important thing to you you may want to wait until that comes out on the Oakley line. We have other alternative lenses that we can do for other manufacturers but they too will not have the NFL or your favorite football teams logo. We also have Flak 2.0 XL available for prescription and Americas Team Dallas Cowboys Sunglasses with Prescription.


Oakley Prescription Flack 2.0

Because of the curve in the make of the actual flak jacket 2.0 we are limited in how high of a prescription we can go, but as you know we will try our best to for fill your needs even if we have to do it a couple times to provide amazing customer service. Please be aware it may take a couple turns from the lab to actually get a super high prescription done with your Oakley flak jacket 2.0 and or any other sunglasses that we might do for you that you have a high prescription requirement/

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Oakley Holbrook are the 2nd most popular look


We are known for our ability to help customers get high prescription lenses for their sunglasses. Where most if not all will not do anything higher than a +/-3 we have had success up to +/- 12 prescription lense. 
Please understand that the reason most do not do this as it is very hard, and may take several trys to get it right, get it through the lab and even get you eyes to adjust to a high RX. We will do our best, and have even had a success where others FAIL so don’t be afraid to ask….but please be prepared for the process as it could take weeks and in rare cases even months to get it 100% right. We pay for the shipping to you, you pay for it back and even if it takes  a few times (3) we will remake the lenses at no additional charge in most cases. If it takes more we will just ask you to pick up the shipping until we get it right. Remember you have to have a recent prescription from your eye doctor, so please don’t order with an out of date RX.
SPECIAL NOTE: Wrap around lenses like the Oakley Flack 2.0 Prescription sunglasses are even harder, and may have a set of limitations that traditional 2 piece sunglasses don’t! Call us any time 1-800-381-9083 for High Prescription Oakley Sunglasses