Smith Chromapop best anti-fogging ski and snowboarding goggles

      Smith Chromapop goggles

So, you are going on a winter trip…. You have visions of looking uber cute in your adorable new white and hot pink ski outfit.  You got the latest and greatest equipment, (okay, so maybe it is rented, but nobody else knows that!)   You purchase the warmest thinsulate gloves and the best on the market snowboarding goggles, the Smith Chromapop goggles. You are ready for your snowboarding adventure!  Since you have never been snowboarding you must take a lesson but that is perfect because you have heard how rugged and handsome most of the instructors are. When you get to the lesson at 6am – you have convinced yourself that this adventure will be worth getting up at the ungodly hour for – you are a little disappointed to find out your instructor is a good 10 years older than you, but still fairly ruggedly handsome.  You can make this work!  Also, he has the same Chromapop ski goggles on that you do!  So, bonus for his style. Your instructor shows you how to strap into your boots and how to get up from a fall.  He talks you through the snow plow and traversing the mountain techniques and sets you free on the bunny slope.  One of your fellow students keeps struggling to keep her goggles fog free, but you are set!  Your Smith Chromapop goggles display the enormous mountain in front of you with sharp, vivid, clear magnificent color and splendor and the touted anti-fogging aspect appears to be true!  It is finally time to bear the big mountain and board the ski lift.  You hang back just enough that you ensure you are the lucky rider that gets to go up with the instructor.  Maybe you can chat a little on the lift!  Thankfully, the boarding of the lift goes seamlessly and you are hanging 100 feet over the mountain when you remember how scared you are of heights and this lift has no belts.  You are trying hard to keep up some semblance of cool and collected conversation with this guy but you are truly freaking out and might actually pass out from fear.  Finally, what seems like 2 hours later, you see the top where you are supposed to glide off the lift.  You hold your poles, pull your awesome Smith Chromapop goggles back over your face, and you are ready…  well at least you thought you were.  As you start to feel the ground under your board you realize you are leaning too far forward, you over correct and now falling backwards and before you know it you are sliding down the hill with poles flying and snow smashing into your body.  It happens to be a cloudy, gloomy day but because of Smith’s Chromapop lenses you can see every face distorted in horror and every spec of snow flying around you in slow motion until you finally come to a stop with your legs contorted and your cute outfit drenched.  Now that you are humiliated you want nothing more than to go home and hide, but the cute instructor comes over with sympathy on his face and helps you up. Then you remember he has the same Smith Chromapop anti-fogging goggles that you do, so he saw your whole wipe out in intense clarity and vivid color.  Wow!  At least you know you look adorable in your uber cute outfit.  You finally make it to the lodge at the bottom of the hill and decide to take a very long lunch.  What a day!  What an adventure!  You are so glad you had you Smith Chromapop goggles with you so you have the clearest mental pictures and memories of your trip.