Top 10 Gifts to get a golfer

Top 10 gifts to get the golfer in your life.

Many people think that the best gift for a golfers are greens fees or clubs but you will quickly find that greens fees go away after 1 play and leave very little long term memory of the gift.

CLUBS, are like underwear you need to pick those yourself.

If you ask any golfer who owns a cart, pimping out hir or her ride is at the top of the list and adding simple things like a lift kit, or hubcaps can really make a stock car look cool.

Pimp out my golf cart

Is one one club car owner asked for

Granddaddy of all gifts-Custom Golf Cart Makeover

Many hard core golfers go to Rockwall Golf Carts to make over their golf car. With over 100 custom option available your customized club car could be the ultimate gift for that special someone.

Most people start with a lift kit, hubcaps and lighting package. $1995.00 avg.

then onto the stereo or SOUND SYSTEM with banging subwoofers $995.00 to $3000.00

then its the pushbar, racks and add-on roofrack or gun rack.$995 to $1995.00

and we have not even made it to the suspension or modification on performance

HINT: Performance can be tweeked by just removing the limiter switch or screw (CHEAP FIX). If you are looking for a less expensive gift you might try Golfer Sunglasses.