Top 10 New Sunglass Looks for Summer 2019

Work or Play Your finished look will include high fashion eyewear, and this summer the game has changed with an all new link called “OAKEY SUN”

What is new and top trending sunglass styles for women in 2019?

Summer 2019 New Sunglass trends for women are the Oakley Top Knot, Apparition, Low Key, Rev Up and EV Zero Ascend. The Lavender Ascend is projected to be the top seller in the Oakey Summer 2019 line.

What is the Oakley Lavender Ascend?

The Oakley Lavender Ascend is that “MUST HAVE” pair of sunglasses for 2019 providing quality and function for work, play, and the beach yet is high-fashion enough to roll right on to the RED CARPET. “The Oakley Lavender Ascend will be the BEST SELLER in the women’s line” says ADS CEO Jeff Cline. “It is about time that Oakley has made a full womens line, just for women. Oakley has always been our best seller, but this is a game changer and will bring in a whole new level of clientele”
oakley evzero ascend lavender prizm

Oakley Women’s Sun Collection 2019

Oakley Top Knot Velvet with Rosegold lenses will be a best seller for summer 2019. The is a well needed departure from the traditional Oakley look , but sure to please a section of consumers that have never thought of Oakley as a HIGH FASHION / STYLE FORWARD Sunglasses company.
Oakley Rev UP, sure to rev up things work and play. Another vast departure from the Oakley sports look, this all new style is going to be a winner for years to come! Comes in 6 color combos, and one is called VAMPRILLA…take a look and see why!
Oakley Chrystl Street style will be very popular. 6 different color options to choose from.
Oakley Cold Fuse
ROSE GOLD will be the color of 2019
Journey Collection has several options and more to come in 2019

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