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If you were looking for a good sleeping mask with additional features, your search is over! This eye mask is made of memory cotton – a breathable and soft material, ideal for wearing all night long. The shading effect is amazing and you will be sleeping like a baby! The design of the mask is also astonishing! The product will fit around your nose perfectly and you can easily adjust the length of the strap. You can easily take out all the cords and speakers and wash the mask when needed. The mask is compatible with most smart devices – phones, tablets, and PCs. It will be charged in just two hours and the battery will last throughout the night. Controls for turning the volume up or down are placed on the side of the mask – you can adjust the sound without taking the mask off. Specifications: Size: 20.3 – 26.5 inches Connector type: micro USB Playtime: over eight hours


Bluetooth sleep masks help lessen external stimuli and distractions that keep your brain active, the perfect solution for peaceful nights. Sleep masks are also convenient to use, easy to transport and most of all — effective. Discover your dream slumber with a high quality sleep mask and wake up to a better morning.

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