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Features: Simple design, solid perfume bar, long lasting fragrance, evenly volatilization. Mini size, take less space, not obstruct air vent. Convenient perfume bar replacement, provide good atmosphere and fresh air. Extraction of natural raw materials, free from industrial alcohol and artificial flavors. Equipped with silicone pad at fixed clamping port, more stable and does not damage the air outlet of air conditioning. Specification: Type: Car Air Freshener Material: Aluminum Alloy


Air Freshener For Car

Air fresheners have been around for a long time and were originally a part of our homes and offices. Now, it has made its way into our cars to make road trips so much more pleasant. These benefits are the reasons why many people choose to have this car accessory while traveling.

  • It makes your car smell clean and fresh especially while driving.
  • It creates a pleasant and comfortable driving space.
  • It gets rid of foul odors (from cigarettes, passengers especially hyperactive kids, pets, and more).
  • It helps avoid distracting and terrible road odors.

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