Most Popular Prescription Sports Sunglasses

Prescription Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ Sunglasses

Oakley Prescription Flak Jacket XLJ Sunglasses

Base Price: $329.00
Our most popular prescription sports sunglasses for running, cycling and baseball.
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Prescription Ski Goggle Smith Phenom Turbo Fan

Prescription Smith Phenom Turbo Fan Ski Goggles

Base Price: $289.00
The most Fog-Free Goggle EVER. A tiny fan instantly clear fog on both the goggle and Rx insert. Lifetime warranty
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Prescription Smith Hideout Tactical

Prescription Smith Hideout Sunglasses

Base Price: $79.00
The perfect pair of tactical sunglasses. Mil-Spec approved for safety and protection.
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Prescription Oakley Quarter Jacket Sunglasses

Oakley Prescription Quarter Jacket Sunglasses

Base Price: $279.00
Perfect for smaller faces or younger athletes.
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Prescription Wiley X Guard Shooting Glasses

Prescription Wiley X Guard Sunglasses

Base Price: $40.00
ANSI Approved safety eyewear. Popular semi-rimless shooting glasses or sports eyewear.
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Prescription Panoptx 7Eye Diablo Motorcycle Sunglasses

Prescription Panoptx 7Eye Diablo CV Sunglasses

Base Price: $89.00
Rx Motorcycle Glasses with removable foam eye seal and adjustable temples.
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About ADS Sports Eyewear

ADS Sports Eyewear is an optician owned and operated company specializing in prescription sports sunglasses and pretty much anything related to sports sunglasses. We sell premium quality sunglasses and eye glasses at extremely competitive prices.

Our prescription sunglasses are as good as they get. You cannot buy better Rx sunglasses from your local doctor, specialty retailers, or even on line. And YES, we do back that up with a Guarantee!

You will find a prescription version of almost everything we sell. New Free-Form Digital Prescription Lens technology makes it possible for us to create prescription sunglasses and prescription ski goggles with amazing clarity throughout the entire lens, even if you select sunglasses with an 8-base wrapped design like most prescription Oakley sunglasses models. Free-Form Digital lens technology is a life changing improvement for people who wear prescription sunglasses for sports.

The newest adaptation of this digital technology is a Lenticular Free-Form lens that makes it possible to put stronger prescriptions in almost any prescription sunglasses without creating excessive thickness. This dramatically expands the range of what is possible for people who wear prescription sunglasses, and it can create the thinnest lens ever possible in prescription sunglasses.