Polarized Sunglass Lenses

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How Polarized Sunglasses Effect Vision

Wherever there is sunlight there is glare. Glare is scattered, unorganized light. A polarized lens has a filter that only allows light to come straight through the lens. This is the only way to eliminate glare. This will allow you to see though the reflection on the surface of the water or a windshield.This will also allow you to see through the reflection on a wet road and give you a better view of the road surface.Reflected glare from water or glass surfaces is the reason given most often for buying polarized lenses. But glare directly from the sun is just as detrimental to your vision. The glare at sunrise or sunset can make it very difficult to drive a car, find a golf ball, or just function normally. Once again, a polarized lens is the only way to block this glare.


Thru Standard/Polarized Lenses

Thru Standard/Polarized Lenses