Driving Sunglasses Reviews

Whether you spend a little or a lot of time inside your car, you are exposing your eyes to harmful ultraviolet rays. The right sunglasses can limit exposure, while also promoting comfort and reducing the risk of auto accidents. Driving sunglasses use polarized lenses to help reduce glare that can make it difficult for drivers to see on particularly sunny days. Most often, the lenses are also tinted to some degree to help promote contrast, which also helps to promote better vision. Although there are a variety of driving sunglasses on the market today, not all offer the same benefits. Before you purchase a pair, learn how to identify the best brands.

What to Look for

When it comes to choosing the right driving glasses, each person may have unique tastes that make one better than another; however, more often than not, drivers seek the right combination of style, comfort and performance.

Lense Color

Generally, drivers are better off choosing sunglasses that offer brown, green or gray lenses, since these colors effectively reduce glare without altering the way the eyes perceive colors. On the other hand, amber, yellow and dark lenses can affect the way we perceive colors, making them less ideal choices for driving.


Ideally, a good pair of driving glasses should comfort the eyes by reducing glare and relieving strain. That said, even the most effective pair of sunglasses won't please drivers who feel pressure, pinching and pain around the ears and nose. The best driving glasses use specific engineering strategies and technologies to promote all-day comfort.


Let's face it: the vast majority of the time, consumers choose sunglasses based on aesthetic appeal. That said, when drivers choose sunglasses based solely on style, they sometimes end up losing out on numerous benefits that can make the driving experience more comfortable and safer. Fortunately, these days, modern driving sunglasses do an amazing job of fitting comfort and performance within stylish designs that compliment a driver's unique features. The following brands and designs are perfect examples of this:

Kaenon Variant V6

The Variant V6 offers adjustable silicone nose pads that provide an incredibly comfortable anchor point across the nose. The rimless design also promotes comfort by eliminating unnecessary weight, while the polarized lenses provide an efficient combination of impact-resistance, durability, light weight and razor-sharp clarity. These driving sunglasses are ideal for drivers who seek the right combination of style, comfort and clarity.

Smith Scientist Polarized Driving Glasses

These driving glasses provide ultra-premium Techlite Polarized Glass lenses within a stylish design. Unique anti-reflective and hydroleophobic lens coatings make driving easier on the eyes, and the lifetime warranty provides the peace of mind that comes with knowing the manufacturer stands behind the product's durability.

Serengeti Dante Drivers

Sleek and comfortable, these polarized sunglasses are ideal for drivers who want to protect their eyes from the sun, while complimenting their unique personalities. The Serengeti features an attractive modified aviator style that provides wide, comfortable frames that protect the eyes from glare. The Dante provides Wire-Flex frame technology, which features a blend of stainless steel and nickel silver that automatically adjusts to the wearer's head shape. Advanced lens technology offers smudge protection and prevents wear, making these sunglasses ideal for drivers who appreciate quality that lasts.

Smith Chamber

Sleek and cool, these driving sunglasses feature total polarized protection, crystal-clear vision, extra-large eye coverage and Photochromic sunglasses options. Chamber sunglasses combine durable, lasting frames with Smith's leading sunglass lens technologies, which provide safety from UV A/B/C rays while also ensuring distortion-free optics. These polarized glasses are perfect for drivers who have larger faces that aren't suited for smaller, tight-fitting driving sunglasses.

Kaenon Lewi

Ideal for drivers who want all-day comfort, the Lewi provides paddle arms and temple tips that are ergonomically engineered to promote a comfortable fit that won't irritate even after hours of use. Linking outstanding performance with a clean, wrapped surface design, these glasses are constructed around 8 base SR-91 lenses, which offer crystal-clear vision many polarized lenses simply cannot provide. 

Things to Consider

It may seem like an afterthought, but some drivers consider lense composition, when it comes to choosing the right sunglasses for driving. The National Highway Traffic Administration reports that at least one auto accident occurs every 60 seconds, resulting in 2.9 million injuries that range from light to severe. Many times, these injuries result from fractured sunglass lenses cutting the face and eyes. For this reason, some people choose sunglasses made with polycarbonate lenses which offer extra protection in the event of a car wreck. While not essential, this is a good idea for anyone that likes to be prepared for all eventualities.

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