Sort Sunglasses by SIZE

Buying sunglasses online has never been easier!

Now you can compare glasses on our site to the glasses you already own.

This allows you to find glasses your size even FASTER online than if you had them all right in front of you!

We measured everything we sell from one hinge to the other. (H2H indicates Hinge to Hinge)

So how will this change your life?

•    Measure your most comfortable, best fitting pair of sunglasses from one hinge to the other.

•    Use the filters on our site to narrow down glasses you want by style, manufacturer, or activity.

•    Then sort these by SIZE.

•    POOF! Now you know exactly which glasses are the size you’re looking for.

Good stuff to know:

•    First, go to the page you want to sort
If you want sunglasses for a specific activity, click SHOP BY ACTIVITY on the top of the page, then click the activity.
If you want to sort glasses from a Brand, click SUNGLASSES or SKI GOGGLES, then click the brand.
Note: On a mobile device, these are all under the MENU link.

•    Filters will be on the left, Sort options are on top. On a mobile device, both are at the top of the page.

•    Filters will help you limit what is already on this page. So filters only remove products. They never add to what's on the page

•    All frames are adjustable. If you need yours a bit smaller, or a bit larger, just let us know.

•    Eyewear measurements are always in millimeters. If you measure in inches, multiply by 25.4 to convert to millimeters.

•    If you end up with lots of options to choose from, use the B Measurement as a secondary size indicator. This is the height of the lens, and our results will sort by B Measurement when the Hinge to Hinge measurements are equal.

Note: B Measurement is not the height of the frame.  It is height of just the lens in the frame.

•    Don't sweat the small stuff. A few millimeters larger or smaller won't really make much difference. Remember 10 millimeters is only 1 Centimeter.  This is about the height of 6 quarters. If the H2H Measurement of your first choice is only 3 or 4 mm off of what your target, just let us know. We can make small adjustments to the frame.

•    Most hinges will not be as visible or as well defined as the hinges pictured above. Just measure to the center of the pivot point. Don't worry if you're off by just a few millimeters here.