Satisfaction Guarantee

We are so confident in our ability to exceed your expectations that we will refund you money within 30 days on non-prescription items if you are not completely satisfied.

One Additional Guarantee

We guarantee that everything you buy on our site is authentic, and we are an authorized web dealer for everything we sell.  There are absolutely no knock-offs, seconds or discontinued items.  If you order prescription sunglasses for Oakley, Maui Jim, Kaenon or Serengeti, the lenses you receive are guaranteed to be authentic lenses from that manufacturer with their patented lens technology. (Putting non-authorized lenses in any of these frames will void the warranty.)  If your prescription is outside the limits published by these manufacturers you may still be able to get the frame you want.  Our lab uses a digital surfacing design that is very similar to these labs.  But the lenses will be our own digital lenses, and we will get your authorization before we proceed.

Non-Prescription Products

You can return anything within 30 days.  You’re welcome to exchange the item for anything else on our site, or just return the items for a full refund. There are no restocking fees, and you are not penalized if you decide to get a refund instead of an exchange.* (See Returns Page for details.)

Prescription Eyewear Guarantee

We guarantee that your prescription lenses will be perfectly surfaced to within 1/100th of a diopter of the prescription you provide. (This is not possible with standard lens surfacing.)

If you are not happy with the height of the reading segment in a progressive lens we will remake the lens 1-time at no charge.

If you just change your mind and want to return the glasses you can do this, but you can’t get a total refund.  These lenses will be created specifically for you.  We will refund 100% of your frame price, but only 40% of the lens price.*

Best Price Guarantee

Nobody sells comparable merchandise for less than we do.  Nobody.  If you find a lower price on a comparable prescription lens we will match it, AND give you 10% of the difference. Click Here for details.

Frame prices are harder to compare on the internet because of all the knock-offs and because so many companies are making a Wal-Mart version of their product.  We don’t believe you can find an authorized dealer selling genuine products for less than we do.  If you do, let us know.  We will look into it, and we will do our best to be competitive.  But if it looks too good to be true, we will not match the price.

* Any merchandise sent back for exchange or refund must be in perfect condition and include all the packaging, documentation and free accessories that were sent to you originally.