Rx Ski Goggles Universal Insert

Date: 12.09.14

Prescription Ski Goggles – Universal Insert Info

Prescription Ski Goggles and snow goggles are rapidly becoming one of the hottest items on the slopes this year. For years, skiers thought their only options were either wearing glasses under their ski goggles, which is very uncomfortable, or wearing contacts that can become a big problem if they pop out at the wrong time. The universal prescription ski goggle insert from ADS Sports Eyewear is helping people fall in love with snow skiing and the mountainside all over again.

prescription ski goggles

The ADS Sports Eyewear Prescription Ski Goggle Insert


How the Universal Prescription Ski Goggle Insert Works and Installs:

The insert installs behind the ski goggle lens. The  arms of the insert  grab the inside of the goggle to keep it in place. Just squeeze the arms in, center the insert inside of the goggle, then let the arms go for it to lock into place. Be careful not to rip any of the foam in your goggle.  If you take care of your ski goggles, they will take care of you.

prescription ski goggles

Installing the Rx Ski Insert is as easy as 1-2-3

About our Rx Lenses for your Prescription Ski Goggle Insert:

ADS Sports Eyewear uses the latest Rx lens surfacing technology in all of our prescription eyewear. This new tech is called ‘Free-Form Digital’ surfacing. Digital means that it is surfaced entirely by computer aided machinery. Free-Form means that your prescription is recalculated at every single point on the back of each lens. This creates a high definition optical map on each lens.  Free-Form gives you a much larger optical center or ‘sweet spot’ in the lens so you have a larger field of vision, even in your peripheral areas. Your family ski trip just got a lot more enjoyable, and safe!

3 Benefits of Prescription Ski Goggles:

 1. Skiers wearing Prescription Ski Goggles using an Rx insert will experience less fog because the insert is mounted in the natural venting channel of the goggle, whereas glasses do not.

2. Skiers wearing Rx Ski Goggles will experience more comfort, as they do not have to jam their glasses on underneath the ski goggles.

3. Skiers that are using an Rx Ski Goggle insert will be able to keep their glasses safe in a case! Could you imagine losing your glasses after a nasty spill?