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Olympic Shooter John McNally Partners with

Richardson-based ADS Sports Eyewear

DALLAS – A new strategic partnership was announced this week bringing together one of the world’s greatest shooters and a supplier high-quality precision sporting eyewear.

Richardson-based ADS Eyewear – makers of top prescription sunglasses – and five-time Olympic speed shooter John McNally have joined forces to help other shooters have access to the best in shooting eyewear.

McNally will share with ADS Eyewear his unique insight into eyewear designs gleaned from his many years of successful competitive shooting. This is not the first time McNally has put his shooting knowledge to use: he has designed and markets McNally Glock Triggers, a base assembly for improved trigger performance for the Glock pistol.

Not only is McNally a five-time Olympian, he is a 14-time National Rifle Association rapid fire pistol champion. There are few individuals on the planet with the kind of shooting credentials of John McNally. Adding his expertise to the excellence of ADS Eyewear will ensure the products, already among the finest available, are even better suited to shooters, both recreational and competitive, and others looking for prescription sunglasses or Oakley sunglasses.

ADS Eyewear is staffed by talented opticians who have dedicated their lives to creating the highest level sporting eyewear, making it a great place to get prescription sunglasses online. One of the reasons is because every member of the ADS Eyewear team is an avid participant in every activity that shown on the web site.  This lets the ADS Eyewear team provide authoritative answers to anyone looking to order prescriptions sunglasses online or prescription safety glasses.

In addition to precision shooting glasses, ADS Eyewear produces prescription sporting glasses and prescription safety glasses to meet the needs of almost any sport.  ADS Eyewear can customize any frame style and color with any lens color to create prescription sunglasses for that meet both the specifications of any sport and the style of any customer.

Leading the way for ADS Eyewear is its proprietary Volugio brand of sporting prescription sunglasses and prescription  safety glasses, a great choice even for those looking for Oakley sunglasses. The Volugio brand is made of prescription-ready high grade polycarbonate lenses designed to stand up to the demands of sporting activities

For those in the sporting life who just want the most stylish frames and lenses to protect their eyes, the Volugio styles are among the most desired throughout the sporting world. Again, ADS Eyewear can customize frame style and color to coordinate with lens colors to create a product that is as stylish as it is functional.

If you want Oakley sunglasses, ADS Eyewear is the place to go. ADS Eyewear is an authorized web-dealer for several of the world’s most well-known eyewear brands, including Oakley sunglasses, Ray Ban sunglasses, and many other name brand prescription sunglasses.

Whatever the brand or style you want, and whether the lenses are for protection only or for prescription sunglasses, ADS Eyewear can meet your specific needs with recommendations that are borne from actual use. The staff regularly takes out ADS Eyewear’s prescription sunglasses, including Oakley sunglasses, and test them under real world conditions, which fits perfectly with the new partnership with Olympic shooter John McNally.

John McNally’s unmatched Olympic experience give ADS Eyewear’s talented team of opticians a greater insight into creating prescription sunglasses, prescription safety glasses, and protective lenses that are perfect for shooters at ever skill level, from competitive Olympian all the way to the recreational shooter. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for Oakley sunglasses, or any other brand of prescription sunglasses or prescription safety glasses, ADS Eyewear is the place to order prescription sunglasses online.



Not only has John McNally achieved success in competitive shooting, he did so while serving in the Army.  He made his first Olympics in 1984 after serving with the 3rd Ranger Company, TSB. He later served with Army Marksmanship Unit as Officer in Charge of Pistol, where he created the Action Pistol unit. While serving in the Army he also competed in the 1988 and 1992 games, and then in 1996 and 2000 games he competed as a civilian.  John also earned many NRA champion titles over his career.


We don’t just sell sports eyewear, we live it! When we recommend a product or a specific lens color it is not from something we read in a book.  We recommend the glasses that have worked best for us. Our testing is extensive and completely objective. Our only goal is to give our customers the best possible eyewear for their sport or hobby.  And, we believe this is why such a large portion of our business is repeat or referral customers. We also understand that looking good while playing outdoors is important and therefore have carefully selected only a few of the best styles. In each category we present glasses that provide superior eye protection, unparalleled value, and extraordinary style.

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