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The electric suction toothbrush is the first of its kind, providing convenient and innovative care for individuals having difficulty brushing their own teeth.

Suction Toothbrush

The suction toothbrush was designed to for caregivers and care0receivers who are unable to practice oral hygiene for themselves. If you are someone who suffers or is caring for someone with sickness, disability, or injury then this is the perfect solution for you. The electric toothbrush is the first of its kind and be used in home, institution or hospital settings.

Electric Suction Toothbrush

Key Features:

Water Suction – Gargling water suction, 500ml per minute. There is a suction hole located on top of the brush that sucks gargling water from inside of the mouth.

Sonic Vibration – Sonic Vibrations, 14,000 times per minute. The sonic vibration penetrates the toothbrush enabling users to clean the oral cavity more effectively.

Antibacterial Brush – Provides soft, and antibacterial bristles that promote the hugest quality hygeine option for users. Brush heads can also be replaced, in the event that multipe indiviuduals use the same base of the toothbrush.

Suction Toothbrush System Features

One Button Operation – With the click of one button, you can easily toggle between the sonic vibration and suction function… making it simple for individual users and caregivers to preform dental hygiene.

Water Resistance – Crafted for the safety and convenience, the electric suction toothbrush is made to function without any hiccups when exposed to water.

Brush Head LED Charging Light – When the suction toothbrush is low on battery life, the LED light flashes to alarm the user. A red LED light flashes on when the suction toothbrush system is charging, and once the device is fully charged, the LED light flashes green.


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