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Shopping Cart Sanitization Station



Shopping Cart Sanitization Station System


Based on the Popular Walk Thru Sanitization Station technology this unique solution is designed to handel high volumes of shopping carts fully un-attended for hours saving time and money while protecting your #1 asset: YOUR CUSTOMERS!


This Shopping Cart Sanitization System is designed to handel most commercial and industrial carts on the market and may also be used for:

  • Hand Truck Sanitization
  • Wheel Chair Sanitization
  • Loading Cart
  • Pick & Pack Carts

Dimensions are flexible and can be manufactured to size with additional cost.

Shopping Cart Sanitization Station with Logo

Put your brand or sell advertising on these units to help offset the coat.


Advertising on Shopping Cart Sanitization Stations

We have partnered with many top advertisers to provide a marketing co-op allowing you to save money with embedded national advertising, so you can do not even have to find advertisers.

Call 972-800-6670 to see if your location/address qualifies!




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