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Ray Ban Color Blind Glasses

Order Color Blind test and fitting kit!

Custom Ray Ban Colorblind Glasses – 6 Lens Options

New Technology provides those who have colorblindness to have more choices. Gone are the days of only 1 lens fits all, we now offer 6 different lenses to help maximize the colors of your life and we can put them in:

Aviator, Wayfarer, Clubmaster, Round, Justin and Erika – with a recent addition, the Clubround can all be customized with any of the 6 lens options for colorblind people. You just need to order the fitting kit, and determine which lens is right for you. Once that is complete, return the color blind test kit to our clinic and place the Ray Ban Colorblind glasses order. We will give you a 100% credit from the fitting toward your purchase. The frames will be Ray Ban Authentic and we will custom cut the lens of your choice into the frames, but the lenses will not have the RayBan logo as they are custom color blind glasses lenses.




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