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Prescription glasses for Macular Degeneration

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Prescription glasses for Macular Degeneration, Low Vision and Diabetes


 Improves functional vision and Quality of Life

AMD RX Glasses automatically analyzes whatever you are looking at to improve contrast automatically. The focusing system is faster than the human eye, and enables performing tasks at any distance.

Adjustable Magnification
Prescription glasses for Macular Degeneration

Magnification can be adjusted from 1.4-8.0x, for any task. The optical system is optimized for this range of magnification to provide high functional acuity for tasks like reading and recognizing details in faces. Adjustable magnification enables high versatility not found in fixed-magnification optics, which means you can perform a range of tasks with a single device.

is specially developed to target central vision loss and to be usable for hours during each day. While individuals with other visual impairments have also benefited, each and every feature of seeBOOST was conceived, designed and optimized to help those with central vision loss, the primary impairment suffered by people with Macular Degeneration or Diabetic Retinopathy.

There are no extra gimmicks or features that encumber the user or add extra weight. It is just like your current prescription glasses: wear it and it improves your vision. Focusing on central vision loss and is:

  • Very lightweight (less than 1 ounce, 25g) so that you can wear it without head or neckaches
  • Small size allows you to interact with others with minimal distraction
  • Long battery life for hours and we have a battery lifetime of 4-6 hours which lets you do just that
  • Auto-focus so that you can use it at all distances. Imagine being able to read a newspaper and talk easily with a friend. Or watch TV and use a smartphone. Or use a computer and write notes.
  • Variable magnification so you can use it for many tasks, not just one
  • Automatic contrast enhancement to help with more situations and lighting conditions
  • Does not cover-up your perfectly good peripheral vision so that you are fully engaged in your surroundings
  • No delay so your eye sees things in real time, synchronized with other sensory cues you take in so that you don’t get nausea, and the vision is more realistic



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