Oakley NFL Collection at Las Vegas Vision Expo

The international Vision Expo & Conference West is an international opticians fair on the ophthalmic products by many exhibitors is to be seen. Those present at this trade show get a chance to see the latest trends, developments, accessories and technologies in the industry. Oakley has an extensive lineup on display of their newly acquired sponsorship with the NFL to be the official eye wear sponsor of the NFL. All 32 teams have custom made sunglasses, which are all available for consumers. The Oakley Flak 2.0, Holbrook and women low key sunglasses can all be purchased here.

Oakley NFL Athletes

Patrick Mahomes – Kansas City Chiefs Franchise Quarterback

JuJu Smith – Pittsburgh Steelers Wide Receiver

Derwin James – Los Angeles Chargers Defensive Back

Oakley Rx lens colors

PRIZM Sport Bright Light:

PRIZM Deep Water Polarized



PRIZM Dark Golf


PRIZM Everyday Bright Light:

PRIZM Black Polarized

PRIZM Sapphire Polarized

PRIZM Jade Polarized

PRIZM Tungsten Polarized

PRIZM Rudy Polarized

PRIZM Grey Polarized

Bright Light:

Ice Iridium Polarized

Black Iridium Polarized

24K Iridium Polarized

Emerald Iridium Polarized

Tungsten Iridium Polarized

Sapphire Iridium Polarized

Violet Iridium Polarized

Jade Iridium Polarized

Fire Iridium Polarized

Bright Light:

Red Iridium

Torch Iridium Polarized

Ruby Iridium Polarized

Grey Polarized

Deep Blue Iridium Polarized

Medium Light:

Bronze Polarized

Shallow Blue Iridium Polarized


Clear to Brown

Clear to Grey

Clear to Black Iridium



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