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ORDER MONAVIE ACTIVE or Call 972-800-6670

The New MonaVie Active

Keep doing the things you love now and in the future. MonaVie Active uses 19 body-beneficial fruits and plant-derived glucosamine to help keep your joints mobile so you can live life in motion.

If you are buying 9 cases you should probably call and ask for the wholesale opportunity 972-800-6670

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 12 in


How do I become an affiliate for MonaVie

MonaVie has a special program for those with influence. Depending on your reach and specialty there are different options available. If you are interested in becoming a paid influencer please call 972-800-6670 to speak with an influencer manager for Monavies.

Can I sell MonaVie Wholesale?

Yes MonaVie has a wholesale opportunity, along with a bulk purchase opportunity. Feel free to call the Monavies Bulk Purchase number 972-800-6670 for details.

What does an MonaVie affiliate make?

Monavies can make a percentage of their direct sales and have the opportunity to become business leaders within the Monavies team, feel free to call 972-800-6670 for details.


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