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MERV-13 Air Filters & Pre-Filter Wraps (up to to MERV-16 optional with additional cost) provides near or exceeding HEPA filters with-out construction thanks to the products extremely low resistance. Custom Price will be provided once we receive your requirements, and $60.00 online order will apply to your total bill. IF FOR ANY REASON YOU DO NOT WANT TO MOVE FORWARD WITH YOUR ORDER WE WILL REFUND 100% of your deposit!

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MERV-13 sub-micron filtration can be accomplished with a flat cut pad and is available for low-flow residential and light commercial HVAC

This amazing Containment Media is available for commercial sale or individual use with our Custom Filter  Frame. 

This is a true breakthrough in air filtration. For the first time sub-micron filtration can be accomplished with a flat cut pad and is available for low-flow residential and light commercial HVAC systems due to its extremely low resistance.

This technology is so unique because it allows for HEPA or near-HEPA filtration without any need for construction. 

 Protect your family members, friends, students, and customers from the dangers of airborne pathogens.


See the latest developments on the COVID-19 & a new study which states that it may be transmitted by airborne transmission here. Additionally, an MIT researcher has warned that coronavirus droplets could travel up to 27 feet, which could have major implications for social distancing. Learn more about this, here.

In 2009, ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) released a position paper showing the types of viruses that they believed to be spread by airborne transmission, excerpt shown beside here. These diseases include:** Influenza, Measles, Mumps, and Tuberculosis. Additionally, now COVID-19, as a respiratory disease, would also be added to this list. 

Sanders Containment Filters are available to fill the gap between a viral outbreak’s beginning and the time it takes to create a vaccine and its distribution.  This will greatly enhance our ability to contain the spread of respiratory viruses.  The Containment Filter can be used immediately after an outbreak is recognized, during the period before a vaccine is developed and available to the general public. The Sanders Containment Filter would not be just for viral pandemics, it also has the potential to be unbelievably helpful in oncology units, nursing homes, schools, airplanes, cruise ships, and all other public buildings where flu and other airborne diseases have been spread for many, many years. 

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We work with a global distributor to ensure our customers have access to the best procucts and services available, and will gladly help you get your MERV-13 or MERV-16 Filters for home or office!

Commercial MERV-13 Filters

Pre Filter Wraps available for commercial units, and easy install for light industrial units with out need for expensive construction or blower motor upgrades.

Custom MERV 13 Filter Frames

We are working closely with a manufacture to ensure availability during the CORONA PANDEMIC and with the CORONA FUND coming the demand will probably go up so we are preparing now for the higher demand to help the supply chain meet their increased needs. Price will vary on quantity, scope and complexity of order.

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