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EZGO Golf Cart Keys

If you own a golf cart or enjoy a club that has carts for members, you will probably find yourself in a pickle one day because you lost your EZ GO golf cart keys. So what is one to do? Well because you are a friend of ADS you can use your “GIFT WITH SUNGLASSES PURCHASE” on a set of keys. That’s right, golf cart keys get lost so often that we actually stock the top 3 carts keys. So when you order a pair of golf glasses from ADS Sports Eyewear, in the nots put “PLEASE MAKE MY FREE GIFT WITH PURCHASE EZGO KEYS”…

If you are a planner you might order the UNIVERSAL GOLF CART KEYS set which includes one of each of the top 3 types of carts so you always have a back-up.


EZGO Golf Cart Keys – Replacement Set Free with Sunglasses Purchases



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