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Emergency Temporary Portable MERV-13 Air Filters

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Sub-micron Filtration via Air Movers

We have found that placing our filter on a floor dryer, we are able to provide portable submicron filtration. We recommend 1 air mover per 3,000 square feet. This way you can individually filter rooms, classrooms, gyms, or separate environments in addition to the Sanders Containment Media being in your HVAC system. These are 800 CFM units that have 3 speed settings & a self -timer, these are low flow units for quiet filtering for your space.

We offer a flat-cut-pad filter that provides a state- of-the-art way to capture particles as small as .3 micron. Our filter has been independently tested to have efficiencies as high as 99.9998% @ .1 micron. Other filters use a mechanical catch and tightly weave the fibers of the filter together in order to catch particles – we don’t! This way we are able to be a low resistance filter that you can place almost anywhere to protect your family, friends, customers, employees, in almost any HVAC system, or as a stand-alone unit. We are a family owned company and will work with you to make sure your filtration needs are met.

*Available in BULK for Commercial orders. (Now Available with a GSA NUMBER) call 972-800-6670

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